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February 08, 2016


It’s been human nature to envy the gods since the dawn of time and the age of theology… Many envied their power, others, their beauty… These days it’s those damn abs, massive pecs, and crazy strength! The whole look and drama behind gods like Hercules, Zeus, Apollo, Odin, Thor and the like is both breathtaking and intimidating as an inspiration as well as an almost unfathomable feet. What if I told you it was possible to be jacked like Thor and all you’ll need to do is forge your own Mjolnir? It’s as simple as science, and being a powerful ripped athlete is nothing but a simple and strategic combo of Strength and Conditioning.


Power overall is one of the key goals of any athlete. From a sprinter, marathon runner, football player, speed skater or powerlifter… Power prevails as one of the key tools to help an athlete excel in sport. Application of power to sport works in many ways, the key point being the more strength (aka force) applied, the better the overall result whether its improved times, bigger jumps, harder hits or heavier weight. Force is key as well as the conditioning to withstand consistent application of that force. To be powerful, one doesn’t just lift weights but applies a consistent and progressive strength program whether it be a linear or undulating progression, periodized towards the athlete’s goals.


Being ripped and powerful not only comes down to diet… An athlete can eat like a bodybuilder and be weaker than a high school teenager but look like they can out-lift some of the strongest folks in the game. The key behind development of physique along with strength is a progressive conditioning routine. Conditioning refers to an athlete’s efficiency and ability to recover between maximal or high output events. To improve these things, one must control the individual’s rest time, time under load and typical aerobic and anaerobic cardio conditioning as well, typically resulting in a leaner and more consistent physique and a higher than average strength output.


One way to accomplish this in a program is to apply consistent strength progression, timed movement drills and cardio conditioning work such as the following:



  • – 1000 Meter row for time x 2
  • – 1rm Cross Handed Front Squat

(Between each set, moderate height of 1 seated box jump)


Power Bodybuilding: 30 sec rest between each

  • – 3x 1 min Stiff Leg Sumo Deadlift
  • – 3×20 Banded Good Mornings (Seated)
  • – Lunges w/ Moderate weight
  • – 1×100 Laying Hamstring Curls


Application of time places the body under more stress to stimulate the need for better recovery in relation to the development of the athlete’s higher force output. Over time, recovery time will improve as well as the athlete’s level of strength output. All the while these things are happening, the athlete is burning high levels of calories, keeping a consistent output and maintaining a lean physique resulting in not only being POWERFUL, but freaking Ripped!


Rob Saeva of No Coast Strength and Conditioning


Written by Rob Saeva of No Coast Strength and Conditioning


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