Diet Damage Control

November 29, 2016

“This is the end; the end my friend.”  Wait no, don’t give up now.  You’ve put too much work into sculpting your abs for the summer, don’t let a couple of family gatherings with a little too much food and holiday gym closures throw off your gains game.  The snowball effect began about a month ago, right around the time that pumpkin Oreos hit the shelves.  And then we eat and eat and call it a bulk to justify an excess of energy consumption without energy output.  I’ve been there, and although you may be thinking my last slice of pie will be my last one.  Or my next slice will be my last, and this quickly transitions to I’ll start leaning out by the New Year or Spring and your goal physique for next year becomes the body you had just a month ago….  If you’ve fallen off the wagon here’s how to get back on from TEAM USPlabs and our Barbell Club.



  • – “The best way to get back on track is just to be self-aware of what you are doing. We have to raise our standards by starting to make the right choices today. You find yourself indulging because of holidays, but the reality is there will always be an event, summer, festivity, birthday, etc. We must look at ourselves in the mirror and ask, ‘am I’m living my potential’? At this moment knowing you’re off track is a good thing. The blinders are off, but now it’s up to YOU to do something about it. This is the time to write everything out. Start to write out your meal plan, workout program, restock on your supplements and get your head in the game. The vision is critical here, and without putting pen to paper regarding your goals, you make it that much harder to keep them in mind. Nobody cares how you started; they only remembered how you finished. Go get your stuff done, be a doer and get back on the horse.” – Chad Demchik // IFBB Physique Pro




– “Staying on track though the holidays can be tough. If you feel like you have fallen off track or have been inconsistent with training and diet, it’s ok it happens to everyone.

Take a minute to sit down and write down your goals. I find that journaling has helped me tremendously. I like to wake up early, write down my to-do list for the day and get my fasted cardio done. While fasted cardio may not be for everyone, I find that it sets the tone for the day for me. I have more energy, feel more focused and motivated, thus, staying on track!!

One major tip I find that has helped me maintain my current physique while still enjoying the holidays and treats is planning the days leading up to a “treat meal” or a night out.  For example, If I know I’m going to be enjoying a family dinner for Thanksgiving. The day before and day of I will drop my carbs and fats slightly.  This doesn’t mean I don’t eat, NO WAY, the worst thing you can do is starve yourself leading up to a treat meal, all that causes is binging and over eating. Instead, I will only eat proteins and greens the day before. This helps me not go over my macros too much for the day, and it also helps so that once I DO sit down for dinner, I can eat what I want without feeling too guilty or full. Also, by making sure I still eat my proteins and greens all day, I won’t sit down savagely hungry and eat until I feel sick. Setting the tone for the day is MAJOR in helping me stay focused.

Lastly, I LOVE hitting the gym the day after a night out of eating, especially one that is high in carbs and fats. I wake up and hit legs fasted the next morning to put all the extra calories to WORK!” – Amanda Gable // NPC Figure Competitor



  • – “If you have fallen off the wagon with your training and nutrition, fear not! Try these simple steps to regain your motivation and get back on track:

  1. Set a goal- If you don’t have a destination, the routine can quickly become mundane. Be sure to make sure your goal is specific, measurable, agreeable, realistic, and time measurable.
  2. Find the “Why”- Why is nutrition and exercise important to you? Various factors motivate all of us, but only YOU can know what motivates you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Personally, whenever I feel that my training has become lackluster, I find competition, big or small and sign up. This allows me to focus my training on a particular contest with specific exercises performed, and a weight class I must aim to complete in. Often, I will pick a contest that my training partners are competing in and we will train for the contest together, as a team. Exercising with a specific SMART goal in mind, along with a dedicated group of athletes, often gives me all the extra motivation I need to get back on the wagon and pursue my healthy lifestyle.” – Colby Strunk  // Strongman competitor


The barbell club is putting in work this season.  We’ve seen it on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Keep it up, and continue to tag us in your posts.

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