Chest Workouts For Mass – Part 2

June 22, 2016

Chest Workouts For Mass – Part 2

In Part 1 of The Chest Bomb: Chest Workout For Mass, we showed you some unique variations of chest exercises and exactly how to do them to recruit as many pec fibers as possible and force those bad boys to respond with growth!

Between Part 1 and 2, the entire training program is eight weeks long, however the setup is a bit different than you might be used to.

Part 1 is designed to be done for two separate three week stretches within those eight weeks – Weeks 1-3 and weeks 5-7.

Part 2, which this article covers in detail, is to be done weeks 4 and 8.
This is only a 9 set workout, however, it will have your pecs fully trained and properly exhausted.

Decline Barbell Bench Press

The key here is the setup of the decline angle positioning.

Unfortunately, many pre-set decline benches are set at a decline of 30 degrees or more, which takes some of the emphasis away from the chest and shifts it on to the shoulders.

We want to maximize pectoralis emphasis and the way to do that is to use a decline angle of around 15 degrees, with 20 degrees being the maximum.
The way to judge the angle is from the hips to the shoulders, not from the feet to the shoulders.

As you can see in the video below, if you look at the angle from the feet to the shoulders the decline is greater than 15-20 degrees. But if you look at the positioning from the hip, its right where it needs to be.

When performing the actual press, make sure barbell goes straight up (Trying to press towards your belly button is a good cue to ensure this) and not backwards over your neck or face.

Pressing over your neck or face is what’s known as a J Press (Think upside down J movement path of the bar) and can place stress on your shoulder joint.
Many times lifters don’t even realize they are doing a J Press so be sure to either film yourself performing the lift or have someone review your technique during your workout.

Perform 5 sets of 5 reps at a 3-1-1 tempo


Panther Pushup Challenge

This escalating pushup protocol runs the gamut as it challenges you physically and mentally.

It’s 11 “mini-sets” in one giant 72 rep set of pushups.
Mini-Set 1: 2 reps
Mini-Set 2: 4 reps
Mini-Set 3: 6 reps
Mini-Set 4: 8 reps
Mini-Set 5: 10 reps
Mini-Set 6: 12 reps
Mini-Set 7: 10 reps
Mini-Set 8: 8 reps
Mini-Set 9: 6 reps
Mini-Set 10: 4 reps
Mini-Set 11: 2 reps.



Aim for 5-10 second rest periods between sets but take as much time as you need to hit all 72 of your reps!

The goal is to improve over time and get the rest periods short while keeping performance high.

Also, we do full pushups around these parts – not half ass, half range ones.
A 2-1-x tempo is a good pushup tempo to aim for. That’s 2 seconds lowering to the ground, one second pause at the bottom and then pushing up as fast and strong as possible.


Flat Bench Cable Fly

A breakdown of how to perform this exercise was covered in detail in Part 1.

For Part 2 of The Chest Bomb Workout, we are going to switch up the tempo and focus on a really strong pectoralis contraction and mind-muscle connection – a great way to engineer any exercise for greater results (and therefore mass if that’s your goal).

2 Sets of 10-12 reps at a 3-1-X-2 tempo – which means lower for a count of 3 seconds, pause for one second at the stretched position and make sure you stay engaged, lift fast and perform a two second chest contraction at the top of the movement.

This will provide you with at least 20 seconds of pec contraction against resistance per set.

Think you’re done? Your chest might be screaming, but you’ve got one more wall to break through…

Robot Pushup

In this pushup variation you perform strategic pauses on both the concentric and eccentric phase of each rep.


Start in a standard starting pushup position with your arms straight. Lower halfway down, pause for one second then lower all the way down just above the floor and pause again for one second.


Now, pushup half way and pause for one second. Finally, extend arms back to their original straight position pausing for one second at the top – that’s 1 rep.


You only have to do 1 set so put your all into it. It’s also the last set of the workout. The goal is to shoot for as many reps as possible. Each time you perform this exercise, try to get more reps than the last time.
Great Chest Workout

There you have it – 8 weeks of workouts for chest mass. That link again to Part 1 of The Chest Bomb Workout can be found here. 

We can’t wait to hear about your results so hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let us know about your results!

We would like to send a big “Thank You” to “All Day” Mike Rea for his demonstration of the decline barbell bench press. You can check out Mike’s Instagram here.

Chad Demchik took the Panther Pushup Challenge and dominated it like a boss! Chad boasts an impressive resume as he’s an IFBB Pro, holds a B.A. in Kinesiology and is a Certified Personal Trainer. Check out his Instagram page by clicking here.



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