Bulking Begins

December 03, 2014


Bring on the CARBS! Who doesn’t look forward to bulking season? After all the hard work, dedication and limited food selection – it’s time to loosen up the diet and eat for gains! But is it really that easy?


Being a Men’s Physique competitor & two-time Mr. Tennessee Men’s Physique Champion, I’m in a never ending cycle of cutting and bulking to improve each time I step on stage. Along with trying to improve, the purpose for bulking is to gain weight & muscle mass only to cut it back down again. Here are a few tips that could help you during this transition.




>> Make a Plan


How much weight do you need to gain? What foods and supplements will you need to take in order to reach that goal? Also, you’ll need a time frame to work within. Without a plan – you have no structure to reach the goals you are trying to achieve. Your “offseason” is a perfect time to bulk and grow.


Most who compete at the highest level wants to look the very best that they can look – on and off the stage. So when bulking, you will most certainly lose much of the definition that you worked so hard for during your cutting phase. That’s the nature of the beast. Always keep your goal in mind. If you want to grow and get bigger, you’ll need to ignore your self-conscious tendencies. Keep in mind, you’re going to be bigger, stronger and even more defined once the process is complete.


>> Don’t Get Sloppy


Just because you are bulking, doesn’t mean you eat anything & everything in sight. Stay clean & consistent. This will also help keep body fat down as much as possible.


The most important part of your bulking phase will be EATING. You must EAT to grow. So, prep your meals ahead of time and consume them on schedule – no matter what!


Whether you are competing in a fitness contest or simply getting into swimsuit shape, I hope a few of these tips will help you along the way.


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USPlabs Winter BulkUp


Prepared by Dustin Carwile




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