A day in the life of Luigi Fagiani

March 02, 2015


Every day I work to be stronger than my last session, training to beat my numbers from bench day or squat day. Whether it’s more reps or more weight, I will never be as weak as I was yesterday. I inspire myself to be better. I am my motivation.” – Luigi Fagiani // Powerlifter


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Sunday, March 1st 2015 – Squat Day


I squat at least once a week usually on Sunday mornings and I may add a squat session in on Wednesday if I’m feeling good.


9:30am Breakfast/Preworkout Meal |1 cup of eggs whites, 3-4 whole eggs and 2 slices of wheat toast with a glass of Orange Juice.


10:30am Preworkout | As I start to get ready I’ll make my pre-workout which is either Jack3d or AminoLIFT depending on what kind of workout it is. Today’s workout will be working with about 40-60% of my max for 5×3 with paused squats. It’ll be a longer than normal workout out so I’ll take AminoLIFT to keep me going.


11:00am Workout | After I get all my stuff ready and get dressed I’ll mix up 2 1/2 scoops of ModernBCAA+ (my favorite two flavors are grape or watermelon) and I’ll drink this throughout my workout.


Warm up, stretch and roll out with the foam roller (I have the rumble roller which I feel like is the best roller in the market, very well made and really digs in.) Today’s workout is 45-60% of Max. Today I’m using 405 for 5 sets of 3 paused warm ups which will include:




Then my work sets will be 405x5x3. After this I’ll roll out again and move on to leg curls and leg extensions, superset, moderate weight for 5 sets of about 12-15. Finally, I finish the workout off with some hyper extensions with a band at the bottom and then looped around my neck to add some added resistance. After my workout I’ll stretch out again and drink a Gatorade with 1 1/2 scoops of ModernCREATINE.


1:00 Post Workout Meal | Steak and potatoes


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Stay tuned for next week’s blog as we follow a day in the life of NPC Bikini Competitor Amanda Gable!  


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Prepared by Luigi Fagiani


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