A Day in the Life of Dustin Carwile

March 23, 2015


My daily routine changes according to my goals. Staying in “ring shape” is one thing, while contest prep is a completely different beast altogether. Neither of them is easy. Either way, one thing is for sure – whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re RIGHT.


Sunday is a very important day in my weekly routine. Not only do Maria & I train together but we also prep for the entire week. Being prepared lets me know I’ve set myself up to win each day.






My day always starts early with 2 scoops of Modern BCAA+™ and fasted cardio – even on Sunday. I’ll put in one full hour, followed by breakfast.




For breakfast, I eat 6 egg whites (1 yolk), half a cup of plain oats and a cup of coffee. I flavor the oats with various fruits, peanut butter & carb/sugar free caramel syrup.




Throughout the day, I eat every 2-3 hours. Those meals will consist of 6-8 ounces of meat/protein. Fish, chicken breast & ground turkey are typical for every meal. Aside from breakfast, my carbs of choice are either brown rice or sweet potato. After lunch, I trade the carbs for green vegetables.


Post-workout, I drink a protein shake to restore the muscle breakdown. If I’m crunched for time during the day, I will drink a shake instead of eating a meal. All shakes are low carb.


Boy, I can’t wait to get my hands on the new USPlabs ModernPROTEIN!




I have found success in carb-cycling. I will go 48 hours (or more) with a very low carbohydrate intake. I will have oatmeal in the morning and almonds with my meals throughout the rest of the day. Once the 48 hours (or more) are over, I’ll eat 4-6 oz. of sweet potato with every meal.


I usually do this before each wrestling match. Carbing-up gives my muscles a fuller look in the ring. I am happy with the results.




Sunday is grocery day! Many times Maria & I do this together. Not only do we enjoy spending the time together, but we can both be sure to get foods most important for our respective meal plans.


What’s the hardest part about grocery day? That’s simple – fitting all the food into our fridge!




Our schedules do not allow us to train together every day. Sunday is my gym day with my Maria. By now I’ve already trained every body part, so I will focus on touching up the muscles I need to grow the most. Right now I’m training with a lower weight and grinding out 20 reps.


Prior to lifting I take 1 scoop of JACK3D® and drink another 2 scoops of ModernBCAA+ during the session.


To finish up, I’ll do another 30 minutes of cardio.




Once the sun begins to set, we will fire up the grill and start our meal prep for the week. I cannot express how crucial this is to your fitness success. We will cook several packages of ground turkey, chicken breast & even fish. We boil eggs, bake sweet potatoes & store up several containers of brown rice.


Meal prep is no joke in our house.


Sunday is complete. My meals are set for the week and all I have to do is follow my plan.


A Day in the Life of TEAM USPlabs Dustin Carwile


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