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March 09, 2015


Today is LEG DAY!!! SUNDAY FUNDAY and I am officially less than 2 weeks out from my first show of the year – NPC Gladiator championship. I am doing this show to re-qualify for my national line-up of shows, the first being Jr. USAS in May. The rest are tentative to change depending on how I do at Jr. USA’s.


modern protein


Anyways, here is my routine for the day. Mind you I’m in show prep, so my carbs are very low some days (especially on leg day) to bring my legs in nice and tight. Also, cardio is very high with lots of plyometrics the closer I get to a show. It isn’t like this my whole show prep either, but its grind time!


Fasted Cardio // 8am
2 scoops ModernBCAA + in my shaker bottle to sip throughout my cardio. I also pack my breakfast to take with me to the gym.


Head to the gym…..
Fasted glutes for 15-20 mins- light weight just to get blood flowing. Glute blaster machine is my go-to. Usually I do some plyometrics, too. Then cardio 45 mins HITT on the stair master. 1 min fast, 2 mins slow.


Breakfast is packed to eat immediately after I do cardio which includes:


8 oz egg whites
1/2 cup oats
+ 2 fish oil caps & multi vitamin
Amanda Gable Barbell Club
Today, I’m on call at work so I’m training earlier than normal and hitting legs immediately after I fasted. My schedule always changes. Some days I train in between clients or in the evening. It just depends on the day. Today is an early day. While I let my breakfast settle, I stretch & maybe tan or email clients. Then I go on to training legs, focusing on Hamstrings & Glutes. Since I’m so close to my show my workouts are lighter weight . HIGH HIGH reps to bring my legs in nice & tight.


Here’s my workout for today……




Warm up:
Seated Hamstring curls
4 sets of 30


Super set 1 (4 rounds )
1 leg Seated hamstring curls
(20 right, 20 left. That’s one set )
Reverse curtsy lunges
30 Each Leg


Super set 2 (4 rounds)
Glute kick-backs on glute blaster machine
30 Reps
Heavy constant tension squatted abductors
30 Reps


Super set 3 (4 rounds)
Glute kick-backs using leg extension machine
15-20 each leg
Bench step ups
20 each leg


Giant Set:
Lying hamstring curls (slow and controlled SQUEEZE at top)
20 reps
Walking lunges (to one end of gym)
20 reps
Walking lunges back (add a Glute kick-back here) using a 40 pound barbell
20 reps
Jump squats
20 reps


Seated leg press (Glute-focused, constant tension, push through heels)
4 sets of 50


Then I down my post workout shake IMMEDIATELY after my lift. I can’t wait for the new ModernPROTEIN to come out! Anyways, I downed that mixed in water and sat in the sauna for 20 mins while I stretched.


Then by the time I get home and shower it’s been 1 -2 hours and I eat my second meal of the day


Post workout meal (typically would have carbs but since today is a low carb day I get none)


4 oz. chicken or tilapia
10-12 asparagus spears
Dark leafy greens


Then I head to work, if I get called in. If not, I usually spend Sundays food prepping for Anthony and myself. I continue eating every 2-3 hours for a total of 6 meals.


After my last meal, I pose for 15-20 mins before I hit the sack. Alarm is set bright and early for fasted cardio tomorrow morning


11 days out from the Gladiator! Wish me luck!!!


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