5 Tips to Ultimate Status

June 02, 2015


Who are you? In an ever-evolving world of feigned realities, keeping ones identity resolute has never been more lacking. The heroes of yesterday have faded with time, and we are now left with a deplorable standard of ethics and values. While this has been applauded by many as a step forward, we’re losing sight of who we are. Stand up and stand tall! Not for what has become socially acceptable but for what is inherently within us.


Become the Ultimate version of yourself with Renegade Training’s Founder John Davies top 5 tips. Be more. Be Modern!


  • Learn to Say No – Men once had square jaws and didn’t compromise values for money or fame. Do not worry about being so (—-) politically correct and STATE your opinion in a courteous, respectful and polite manner. Having an opinion is IMPORTANT and somewhere in this modern era of political correctness much of the public has forgotten it is perfectly normal to possess different opinions. Naturally respect the opinions of others, show compassion for those less fortunate but NEVER compromise your values.


  • Be Accountable – When you make a mistake admit your errors, rectify the problem, right those you have wronged should that be the case and move forward with the resolution you will not make the same error. Every man has made mistakes in life, regrettable judgment decisions but it is how we move forward that determines our station. Do not be saddled by the ‘rear view mirror’ but rather, learn, adjust where appropriate and move forward. Pinch those shoulders back for the world is watching.


  • Toughen-Up – Allow me to inform you a basic undeniable fact; life isn’t fair. You will get knocked down many times in life but MEN know it is how you respond that determines your fate. I’ve been called ‘out’ so many times I’ve lost track, but each time I return with a combination flurry of punches my competition doesn’t know what hit them. However, just as I say ‘toughen up’, I will ask you to ‘feel more’ and be compassionate for the troubles of others. Never, not once, lose sight of the troubles of others and think how you can assist your community. Alpha males are so strong they prove it with the open hand of compassion, and provide evidence each day they are GENTLEMAN.


  • Strengthen Others – Be committed to helping the lives of others. Whether in your career, where the service you provide is the BEST you can provide and helps your community or surprising your family with a home cooked meal when they least expect it, ensure your passion assists others. I do ‘this’ for you. Each day, perform a random act of kindness for a stranger including holding all doors for women, being polite and courteous. Chivalry never went out of style.


  • Lust Life – ‘THIS’ really does come around but once. Tomorrow is history and cannot be changed. Time is fleeting and never returns. Make EVERY moment count. Tell those you love, that you LOVE them daily, enjoy meals with your family EACH night, dance even though you’re a horrible dancer, paddle out in a wave and hear the sounds of dolphins, shoot the rapids, shred down a mountain of new fallen snow and enjoy a good time with friends until 3am. Please, this comes from a man who knows there is a lot less time in the horizon than in the rear view. LUST LIFE, this comes around once.


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Prepared by John Davies


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