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Winter Bulk Up – Eating for Gains


Chicken, more chicken, egg whites and brown rice….


This is the daily beat of someone cutting, but the results speak for themselves:


  • Six-pack is now visible
  • Striations are everywhere
  • You look flexed even at rest


However, all you can think about is diving into that stockpile of cheat foods you’ve been dreaming about since day 1 of your cut. By all means dig in and go at it. You’ve earned it, but keep in mind if you want to improve your physique and add quality lean muscle for your cut it will all come down to a consistent and well-planned nutrition plan.


Bulking is an art. Gaining unsightly weight just to have to struggle to cut it down is not the best approach. Reverse dieting is one of the best ways to allow your body to acclimate to the bump in calories and swapping of macro percentages without all the unwanted stress on your internal organs. So, enjoy that stockpile of cheats, maybe even allow yourself an additional day of conscious food choices but keep in mind the faster you get back to the plan, the better your gains will be and your body will thank you in the long run.


Reverse dieting is the process of slowly adding macros to your daily plan all while keeping a tight eye on your physique in the mirror and scaling back when you feel you are adding more body fat than wanted. The first week, get back to your previous nutrition plan. Depending on how you look and feel, you might be able to add a few more carbohydrates to your pre, intra, and post workout meals. Conventional thought is to add anywhere from 200-400 grams of carbs split between meals, ideally pre, intra, and post workout. For best results, start slow and gradually add macros where you feel they may be needed… maybe more on leg and back workout days.


Take charge! Your body is primed to grow like a weed so don’t do yourself a disservice by binge eating and negating the positive lean gains which will come from a monitored, well thought out nutrition plan.


Here is a sample diet for a 200lb athlete who is looking to reverse diet.   


Meal 1: 2 cups egg whites, 2 cups veggies, 1tb coconut oil
Meal 2: 8oz protein, 2cups veggies, 1tb coconut oil
Meal 3: 8oz protein, (Carbs added here pre workout)
Intra Shake: USPlabs AminoLIFT, ModernBCAA+, (Carbs added)
Meal 4: Post workout: USPlabs ModernPROTEIN
Meal 5: 8oz protein, (Carbs added) 1cup veggies
Meal 6: 2 scoops USPlabs ModernPROTEIN


Key Notes:  This would serve as the starting point for one to make adjustments and additions to as they see fit. Let your mirror be your guide. 50g of carbs for carb meals is ideally a good starting point which could be upped depending on if the individual is still incorporating cardio into their routines. The point is to fuel your body with the right amount of nutrition to allow growth and limit fat gain. This being said, I am still an advocate of cheat meals so stay on point throughout your program and treat yourself to cheat meal/meals depending on body composition. Take Charge and #LiveModern!


Prepared by Mike Rea


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