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Designing Mass | Day 3


Last week we discussed progression in terms of producing a hypertrophic effect (muscle growth). That in order to gain size one would need to train their body to have to adapt to a more stressful environment. Though we have discussed the myth behind muscular confusion, there is a big difference between stimulating muscle growth and what I like to call "myointelligence"- the central nervous response to exercise stimulus.


In the past it was believed we were born with not only a genetic predisposed intelligence quotient but one related to myocytes as well. Further Studies have shown that not only may one increase cerebellar volume related to the individual's IQ, but in the same sense, conduct hyperplasia as resulted from external stimuli. This has shown evident in not only Type II athletes such as bodybuilders but in Type 1 dominant such as swimmers. What does this tell us? We’ve only scratched the surface of progression.


Once the body has developed the motor unit recruitment to become more efficient at a given movement, this is where many think they are plateauing. However, it’s just the opposite, this is when the muscle grows. Give any program a good 12+ weeks to see definable progress. Once you have given your program adequate time evaluate it to make any changes to future program specializations.


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Rob Saeva, professional strength and conditioning coach mentions some if not many would clamor at the ability to jump 5 to 10 pounds in the time period it would take a newer lifter currently adapting to a movement to PR 20+ pounds. A newer lifter has the strength and lacks the motor skills... soon they will find themselves in the growth phases amateur and veteran lifters find themselves in weeks or months down the road.


Shoulder’s and Tri’s


Face Pull (With External Rotation) 2x12
Overhead Press (Back Against Wall) 5x16
Snatch Grip Hang Pull 4x6 @60% (15-30 second rest)


A1) Seated Lateral Raise 3x7
A2) Rear Delt Raise 3x7
A3) Leaning Lateral Raise 3x7


Dips 4x8
Tricep Pressdown 3x1 minute


Band Pull Aparts
B1) Standing 2x10
B2) Elbows 90 Degrees 2x10
B3) Bent over 2x10


Remember an exercise program is only as good as the sum of its parts. Let us know how day 3 of the Designing Mass Plan goes. If you missed Designing Mass | Day 2, you can find the article and Shoulder/Triceps workout here.


USPlabs UltimateMASS Rear Delts Day 3


Prepared by Nik Ohanian and Rob Saeva


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