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Designing Mass | Day 2


I’m about to state something that will sound incredibly obvious: There is no progress without progression. What does this mean?  Say your goal is to increase your bench press or build your biceps, and you’ve been using a new plan for 6 weeks, busting your ass in the gym, and at the end of those 6 weeks, you’ve found nothing has progressed.  The reason is you expected a specific result without a specified plan. A prime factor of seeing any type of results is measureable progression.  If you’re not consistently improving, how can you reach a better state than you are already in?  This can be accomplished in many ways, but I will discuss just a few.


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    1. Increase your reps.  Take for example the reverse grip pull up in today’s routine.  It states to perform 12 reps.  However, this routine is for week 1 of your program.  Each succeeding week try to add a rep.  If you’ve reached 15 reps add some resistance.


    1. Increase the weight.  For your big movements, such as your bench press in this routine you’re aim is to increase both hypertrophy and strength, so adding reps may not be the best idea.  Instead try increasing the weight each week by 5%.


    1. Increase your time under tension.  8 reps is not 8 reps.  You could complete a set in 10 seconds or you could complete in 45 seconds.  Each week try adding an extra second of resistance to each rep or if you’re completing a timed set add 5 seconds each week.


Per Renegade Training founder John Davies, time under tension is one of the most important considerations in resistance training but rarely addressed sufficiently. Long duration sets, i.e. a minute in length, are of profound consequence to muscular development in particular when we consider biceps and chest training. Maintain tension and ensure technical form and optimal posture through the full duration of the set to expedite muscular development.



Chest and Biceps


Cable Flyes 2x12 @ 50%
Bench Press 6x6 @70%

(30 second rest per set)


A1) Dips 4x30 Seconds
A2) Low Incline Flies 4x45 Seconds


Reverse Grip Pull Up 3x12
Zottman Curl 4x8


B1) DB Preacher Curl 3x10
B2) Barbell Curl 3x45 Seconds


Keep some sort of recording tool, such as a pen and notebook at your side as you train.  Each week should show measureable progress.   Remember your training plan should fit your specific goal.  If you’re looking to improve upon a particular exercise or body part let us know and we may feature a full routine for you in the future. If you missed Designing Mass | Day 1, you can find the article and Shoulder/Triceps workout here.



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Prepared by Nik Ohanian and John Davies


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