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Designing Mass | Day 1


Building mass in regards to any muscle group goes beyond a great workout. A well-rounded program with specific goals in mind will help you see results more quickly. Thinking about your current program, what are your specific goals? If your goal is simply to get bigger and you use a cookie cutter program, you can expect cookie cutter results. In case you’re wondering, that’s not a good thing. Consider the general population at your current gym… A little over a week ago I discussed the common imbalance of the upper body, primarily of the shoulder region. The majority of gym-goers don’t have the genetics to grow impressive rear delts from their rows alone. If you’ve decided to improve in this respect, a program developed around overall shoulder development, foremost the rear delt, is what’s needed so take a look at this program. This is Day 1 of your new routine.


USPlabs Jack3d Dragonberry


Back, Traps and Rear Delts


Deadlift 65%x5, 75%x5, 85%x5
Yates Row 1x10, 75%x5, 85%x5


A1) Overhead Shrug 3x12
A2) Face Pull 3x12


B1) Wide Grip Pull Up (Overhand) 3x5
B2) Wide Grip Pull Up (Underhand) 3x5
B3) Straight Arm Pull Down 3x10


Rear Delt Flies 3x15 (Jettison Technique)


Coaching Notes

From Renegade Training founder John Davies


  • The greatest ‘secret’ to strength development is that there are no secrets. A balanced training plan, performed correctly, when combined with nutritious diet and a platform to improve muscular recovery places the individual in situation most likely to succeed. That said, many lack this basic foundation.

  • Compound movements rule supreme as they infer the greatest amount of muscular stimulation is the least amount of time. Squat, Push, Pull and Press.

  • Perform movements correctly to ensure the desired muscular stimulation. Use a weight you can manage rather than a weight that manages you.

  • Focus upon the eccentric of all movements. Control the weight for greater stimulation.

  • Time under tension sits at the root of muscular growth and now you know why ‘feel the burn’ actually was supported with logic.

  • Peak Contraction should be a part of every plan, where applicable.


TEAM USPlabs AJ Williams blitzing his back pre comp


TEAM USPlabs AJ Williams


Prepared by Nik Ohanian and John Davies


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