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Ultimate Chest Day


Every day I PUSH to become bigger and better than the day before. This is my home away from home. Where I tune out the noise, and tune into the IRON. This is MY gym.


It’s 2015 - our training labs have evolved from underground dungeons of concrete to the pinnacle of advancement in science and human performance. Together we can become bigger than ourselves and stronger than any single feat alone. Welcome to the Barbell Club. Get your chalk, your Modern BCAA+ and your training journals. It’s time to get Jack3d!





Modern Renegade: Chest Crush

By John Davies

Barbell Club Chest Workout


1a) Barbell Press (to upper chest) * 5 sets x 8 reps
* slow eccentric, stop and hold bar a fraction above the chest and hold. Maintain tension for a five count, raise to top and lower down as fast as possible

1b) Incline Flies 30 to 45° 5 sets x 12

stretch chest between sets. Rest 45 seconds between sets


2a) Incline Bench Press * 5 sets x 8 reps
* slow eccentric, stop and hold bar a fraction above the chest and hold. Maintain tension for a five count, raise to top and lower down as fast as possible

2b) Bent Arm Pullover 5 x 12


3a) Dips 2-5 sets x 8 reps
3b) Supported Push-Ups | Press-Ups * 2-5 sets x 12 reps
* can be either with hands on two boxes or in rings hung from above
* slow eccentric, stop and hold just above bottom position. Maintain tension for a five count, raise to top as fast as possible before slow eccentric


Renegade Notes: Tension


Optimal physique development is answered best with recognition of managing and sustaining tension. This practice is seen by executing movements correctly and maintaining said action to satisfy ‘time under tension’ needs thus jettisoning muscular growth. What isn’t seen in this description and possibly one reason why few make use of this approach today; it will challenge the line between ‘discomfort’ and ‘pain’.


For optimal development tension is maintained for long duration sets, hence the term ‘time under tension’. This can involve a variety of approaches but is the rationale for peak contraction, avoiding the ‘lock-out, tempo that accentuates the eccentric, even ‘pause reps’ and ‘drop down’ sets to name a few. Ultimately for those interested in physique development ‘tension’ equates to ‘growth’ one muscle searing rep at a time.

Tension with proper application, including dedication diet and nutrition, is the ultimate of training approaches within physique development and tension is what we will apply in today’s workout.


Ultimate Chest Day


Prepared by John Davies


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