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In 2011, I began my competition career in NPC Men's Physique. Since then I have been fortunate enough to win two NPC Tennessee State Championships & a handful of other first & second place trophies. I have learned a lot throughout my fitness journey.


Along with the journey & awards, I've also heard my share of "physique myths." Some so crazy, one can only wonder how these inaccuracies could spread so quickly.


So, with your help on social media (@DustinStarr), I've compiled a list that will help the everyday fitness warrior, as well as the aspiring physique competitor. Listen up - this is for the men AND women.






I cannot figure it out for the life of me. Why on Earth would anyone really think that physique competitors do not train legs? Believe me when I tell you - WE DO. If you think otherwise, take a look at my TEAM USPlabs teammates. We don't skip leg day. We embrace it!




Ladies, how many times have you been told, "Don't get too big..." when lifting? Too many, I'm sure! Whether you want to be in bikini beach shape or onstage at Olympia, weight training is a very important element in attaining your goal. Don't worry about "getting too big." You'll be fine out-lifting the men, as long as you eat according to your goals.




Zero carb is a sure-fire way to cut weight. However, it isn't absolutely necessary. Carbohydrates are an important part of your nutrition. It is very crucial to know WHEN to eat those carbs. Good carbs placed in the proper meals at the right time make for fuller muscles & energy to burn through your workouts.




There are a ton of myths about fasted cardio (empty-stomach cardio). Is it good for you or not? Instead, let me ask you this - have you ever tried it? Do it!


Since implementing fasted cardio into my everyday routine, I have no doubt that it has been very effective in maintaining the appearance I strive so hard for. Give it a shot!




Sorry, folks - bigger isn't always better. I have beaten guys on stage who were bigger than me. Shorter guys can beat the taller guys any day of the week - and vice versa.


Conditioning is the key. Muscle definition will make you appear to be larger than the scale says.


I hope I was able to squash a few of those pesky "physique myths" for some of you. To follow me on my everyday fitness quest, be sure to join me on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook - @DustinStarr.


TOP 5 Physique Myths


Prepared by Dustin Carwile




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