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Top 10 Jack3d Jams


All I need are two scoops of Jack3d and my headphones turned up and I’m ready for any workout. Personally I’ll mix it up: rap, rock, metal, pop and even a little classical. A big bench day will have a different playlist than pushing out some HIIT on the treadmill. However, I have some go-to songs that no matter what I’m doing will get me pumped up. It’s that playlist that makes the difference from feeling played out to smashing PR’s.



Top 10 Jack3d Jams


We asked each of our athletes what 3 songs put them in the zone. We got everything from Slipknot to Taylor Swift. Collectively we agreed on a top 10. These songs are worthy to be called Jack3d Jams!



We hope you enjoyed our playlist. Choosing only 10 songs from so many greats, is a difficult task. Share in the comments section or on Facebook what your top Jack3d Jams are. We may even feature you in an upcoming blog!


Will you add any of these to your playlist?
Top 10 Jack3d Jams


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