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Top 10: Ab/Core Moves ANYONE Can Do At Home

Top 10 Tuesday


Shredded Core/Ab Moves


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The six-pack is the holy grail of summer.  This separates the fit from the ripped.  Check out our top exercises for a shredded core this season. 


10.) Starfish- While lying on floor, lift legs slightly off the ground and reach right hand to left toes.  Return to start and repeat opposite side.


9.) Flutter Kicks – Lay on back with legs extended in front of you.  Lift legs up 3-6 inches off ground and alternate each leg up and down.


8.) Knee Ups - Sit on the edge of a flat bench and place your hands behind your body for support.  Pull knees to chest and extend legs forward.


7.) Reverse Crunch - Although you cannot independently contract your upper or lower abdominals, when you perform reverse crunches there is increased shortening of the lower region.  This can lead to greater muscle involvement.


6.) Plank – Do not let your trunk sag.  If you are sagging it may indicate weak abs or glutes.  Plank for shorter amounts of time until you get it perfect.


5.) Body Saw- Mastered the plank?  Try this!  While in plank position (on forearms) rock slowly on your toes gliding your body forward, then rock your toes back and repeat.


4.) Half Kneeling Cable Lift – While commonly used with a core bar, if this is not available use a tricep rope.  However, keep constant tension on rope throughout the lift.  Keep core braced at all times, chest up and shoulders back.


3.) Swiss Ball Crunch Lay on ball so you’re looking at the ceiling, not the wall.  Lying too far forward can limit ab recruitment.


2.) Hanging Leg Raise- At the peak of the movement breath hard through your belly to stabilize the core.  This will help provide greater muscle contraction of the abs and can limit using leg momentum.


1.) Ab Wheel Rollout – This is not a beginner movement but can be utilized by a variety of fitness levels.  For those just starting out use a wall to make easier.  At a 45 degree angle with your arms straight out, roll the wheel upwards, keeping arms straight and proceed back down to starting position.



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