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The Hustle


How bad do you really want it? To be something not just better than you are now, but to be truly great. Unless your desire is greater than that of the taste of pizza, the feel of your tempurpedic pillow and the instinct to breathe, you won’t become any different than the drones sitting in their houses watching reruns of Seinfeld.


We asked Renegade Training founder John Davies about the pursuit of success and the hustle.


Ultimate T


“Severed from the ever pleasant world of the internet where endless photographs and film present the daily image of baby animals playing together is the reality that each day there is a hunt for survival. The reality is some will dine and some will be dinner and success does not come by chance. The preparation for said success is not developed via training for “second place” but conditioning that accepts nothing less than victory.



A ribbon for last culture best prepares a generation to finish last.


If there is no room for second place it comes with further clause that each action has a consequence. The failure to reach whatever goal you’ve set forth is due to absence of a concrete plan, uninhibited focus and action.


Success is earned not given

USPlabs The Hustle

Success is earned not given and when you stop trying to earn you are well on your way to being second place..


Recently, I attended a training session of a sports team, and was able to answer quickly why they haven’t been able to live up to their expectations.


The team hierarchy saw a group of athletes near the end of their playing career set the tone of training. There was a flash of professionalism, but ultimately the tempo of training was on their terms and lacked the youthful passion of thirsting for victory and willingness to test challenges. In the wings waiting for their turn were the youthful players. Young stallions ready to kick down the stall doors and my simple coaching advice to the team was to let them loose.


Letting them loose was effectively unshackling them from the fear of failure and summoning the greatness within them to attack their goals. Each of us has greatness but most of us are dampened by the fear of failure. Simply put, there is a strength you may not know exists but it’s there and it sets you apart from the herd.


So, next time you wake, already be up to turn off the alarm BEFORE it sounds. Be the one, THAT ONE, who says:


today is my day, OUR DAY and to hell with the odds.


WE WILL OVERCOME. Be the best that you can be, lay siege upon your goals, fulfill your greatest dreams, and whether you want to be a great athlete or the greatest parent, BE IT.”


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Prepared by John Davies


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