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The Cut Beyond the Starting Gates


Last week we kicked off the New Year by getting you started on everybody's favorite phase of training - The Cut. This week, we will dig a little deeper and identify a few key items that could help you along the way.


Let's get started, shall we?


Top 3 - Slowing Down Your Cut


1. Drinks


What exactly are you drinking? Remember, everything you put in your body affects your prep in some capacity. A wise trainer told me long ago that “you'd much rather eat your calories than drink them”.


Stay away from drinks with sugar - stay away from soda all together! Be sure to drink plenty of water (Crystal Lite). In fact, during The Cut you should drink at least one gallon per day.


2. Condiments


Just like your selection of drinks, you should be very careful with condiments. You may be thinking this is a little nit-picky, but have you ever read the nutritional value on a bottle of ketchup or BBQ sauce? They're loaded with sugar and unwanted additives.


Mustard and hot sauce typically have fewer carbohydrates and sugars than most other condiments. Although they may be a little higher in sodium, they're a much safer bet during The Cut.


3. Meals


Did you know eating 6-7 meals per day will actually help your cutting phase? Don't be scared to eat! If you aren't eating enough full meals, you could be slowing down The Cut and not even know it!


Be sure to eat every 2-3 hours. Weigh and measure your food for proper serving sizes. If you can't eat a full meal because of work or timing issues - be sure to pack a low-carb USPlabs ModernPROTEIN shake. They're quick, fast and easy. Never miss a meal!


Top 3 - You're RIGHT & May Not Know It!


1. Carbs


Brace yourself for this one - carbs are good. That's right - I said it! Carbs are actually good for The Cut! Cutting does not have to be miserable and carb-free!


Just make sure you’re eating the right carbs and eating them at the right times. Keep your carbs brown - brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats, etc. The carbs will help fuel your workouts and give you a fuller look.


Carb-cycling is also a great idea. I'll cover this a little deeper in columns yet to come.


2. Supplements


If you found this column, chances are very high that you already have a few favorite supplements. Supplements are a great help on achieving the fitness goals you set.


But are you taking the proper supplements to achieve the look you so desire? For The Cut, I would certainly recommend USPlabs’ ModernPROTEIN and ModernBCAA+.


My point here - do not take a bulking supplement during The Cut. Continue your supplements - but just like carbs - make sure they fall in line with your goals.


3. Cardio


The Cut is not a cut without cardio. As much as I know you love cardio (sarcasm at its finest), it is an absolute must for The Cut.


Are you taking part in fasted cardio? Do you hit a session after weight training? How many of you are doing both?


When I'm in contest prep, I do both every day. If you want it bad enough - you'll do the same.


It's simple - you have to be very strategic with every aspect of your nutrition and training. I'm sure there are many of you who are on the right track. With just a few minor tweaks, you could make major strides in attaining your fitness goals.


For those of you just starting out - work hard and be consistent. Your goals are within reach. Work for it!
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