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Swole's In Session #3 - Training in School


If you read week two, you've seen that it doesn't take much time after all to stick to a proper diet. What can be more of a struggle, however, is fitting in your training sessions. However, by creating an effective program for the time you have, and realizing the benefits that training has on the rest of your life, your workouts can be a tool to help develop your body and mind.


Budgeting Time


Be careful with this. Reducing workout time is great, if training style is adjusted accordingly.


  • Develop an effective routine for the time you do have. Do not attempt to crunch your normal routine (sets, reps, ect) by decreasing rest. This is a sure way to burn yourself out.



Personally, I haven't followed a training program developed by anyone other than myself since the first couple of years of training. I can't recommend any particular workout for you, either. What I can say for sure is that if you only have a short amount of time to work out, you better make it effective. By that I mean pushing your sets as far as you are able to. This doesn't mean you have to go crazy with intensity techniques like drop sets or supersets; if you're truly giving it your all each and every set those aren't necessary. So how do you know if your sets are as intense as they can reasonably be? If you’re questioning your routine, than you have your answer.


All ‘Bout Those Gains


Just as sticking to a good diet plan can benefit your performance in the classroom, the same is true for training. We all know that regular exercise is essential for a healthy body and mind, but what about those who take it further (i.e. bodybuilders)?


  • Your training shouldn’t leave you “tired out”. A smart routine should keep you sharp and give you more energy. Don’t overdo it!


We all need something that we are passionate about and practice regularly. For me, that's both school and lifting. I think that life is best spent doing what you love. Why should you sacrifice something you love for an extra few hours of studying? It's not worth it, especially when it can actually improve your mental performance during the hours that you do have to devote to your studies.


If you make wise choices in regards to your class schedule and planning your daily tasks you will be able to find a way to fit it in. Make time for the gym and your body and mind will thank you!


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Prepared by Cassie Bishop


Cassie Bishop


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