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Summer Strong - Mobile Workout


Summer is as summer does, and just like your typical sunny day outing, your workout fun in the sun doesn’t just have to be the same old boring stuff each and every session. Easy access to exercise gear available either in your home or at a fairly inexpensive price at your local sporting goods store can take “Suns out. Guns out” to a whole new level.




Exercise equipment is easy to come by, and when it comes to outdoor workouts the easier to transport the better. One great modality used by boot camp specialists and competitive athletes alike is the kettlebell. Fairly inexpensive, averaging a little over a dollar a kilogram, the kettlebell is a powerhouse of exercise equipment providing variety and longevity only requiring so much weight to create a difficult conditioning program.


In addition to the kettlebell, carrying implements such as sand bags, stones, logs or handled equipment can play a huge roll in a great outdoor program as well. Providing a unique and more natural range of motion than that of a barbell, carrying implements can be used in any program. These core-dominant, multi-chain pieces of equipment can be utilized to help not only develop one’s ability to manipulate weight from point A to point B, but provide amazing conditioning while utilizing heart rate programming.


As a typical program is performed, once warm, perform the following for a great summer workout utilizing the above alternative equipment…


Warm Up:
400 Meter Jog (¼ Mile) + Basic limbering stretches for the upper and lower body




Repeat 5 Times:

  • 10 Kettlebell Swings*
  • 7 Kettlebell Cleans*
  • 4 Kettlebell Strict Press*
  • +1 Carry Implement for Distance (Up to 50 ft) Between Each Round


-Rest 5 Minutes-


  • 3x10 Kettlebell Windmill*
  • 3x3 Turkish Get-Up*
  • 5x10 Shouldered Carry Implement Step Ups* (Onto a Low Platform)
  • 3x20 Bent Over Kettlebell Row*

*Reps Per Side


Complete 1 active recovery movement between each set to maintain heart rate for a portion of a 1 minute rest period between sets… decrease rest time or add reps to increase expenditure.


Include one for 10 reps: pushups, jumping jacks, burpees, body-weight squats or crunches.


Keep your equipment stored in your trunk to keep handy for a simple outdoor workout just about anywhere you won’t get kicked out of. Always play to caution as workout equipment carries its own risks and when learning these movements, take your time to perform them to the correct standard to avoid risk of injury. Once you are good to go with all of the details, it’s time to make some speedy progress and have some fun in the sun!


USPlabs Summer Strong Mobile Workout


Prepared by Rob Saeva CPT


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