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#SCARYSTRONG // What Is Strong?


What Is Strong? 


The sport of strength one of the oldest forms of competition. Man testing his physical-will against objects of all weights and sizes has been around for centuries, through generation after generation.


Today,  strength sports are divided into various specific genres. Strongman, weightlifting, highland games, and powerlifting are at the forefront. Powerlifting, specifically, has quickly regained the top spot as a way for the common man to pit himself against uncommon odds. Take a look at your local corner gym for an example. Gyms worldwide are recognizing that strength sports are here to stay, and they had best get on board! The chances are that you’ll see a high-quality power rack, a bench press set up capable of adjusting rack height, and a deadlift platform or area. This isn’t to appease the cardio buddies, that’s a fact.


Back in the old-school iron days, powerlifting started out with thin leather lifting belts and ACE wraps. Many of the legends we look up to today used their mental and physical power to move loaded bars for pride and the love of the sport. Even the bodybuilding and fitness greats like Arnold, Lou, and Dorian would incorporate powerlifting into their training programs.





Powerlifting has grown into more than man vs. bar. New powerlifting equipment technology has emerged creating a separate class of lifter. Equipped or geared powerlifting involves wearing tight-fitting polyester, denim, or canvas shirts and suits of various thickness to compress and control body movement. Often times, the lifter will experience instant strength gains from this equipment known as “carryover”. Raw (no equipment) vs. equipped powerlifting is quite the hot topic as of late, and we’re not here to pick sides. Each genre competes within its own genre, and they all continue to push the limits of human potential.


We’re lucky enough to have Mr. Joe Morrow on TEAM USPlabs. Joe has not only mastered the bodybuilding stage but he’s also destroyed the powerlifting platform in multiple weight classes and federations. He’s undoubtedly known as one of the strongest pound-for-pound men on earth. We called him up to see what his thoughts were on the subject and here’s what he had to say:


  • 1. Train hard, but train smart!
  • 2. If you compete, keep the 1-rep maxes for THE MEET, NOT THE GYM!
  • 3. Fad training methods can be good, but YOU do what works for YOU!”

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2014-10-08 14_41_14-The Prototype Joe Morrow


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