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Redefining Bodybuilding | Chest and Biceps


Chest and biceps are among the most popular glory routines. So popular that you may see people perform this routine every Monday… and Tuesday- Friday for good measure. Is there anything wrong with pairing chest and biceps? No. However, it’s recommended to develop a routine that’s based upon improving genetic weaknesses. For me personally, my biceps are a weakness and chest/triceps a genetic strength. In order to bring up a lagging smaller muscle group, try performing your “minor” muscle prior to the larger. Biceps and chest can pair well here and much pressing strength won’t be lost by training biceps first. Try this routine for a month to bring up your biceps while still hammering your chest.


Biceps and Chest CRUSH!



DB Curls: Try seated on an incline bench to stretch the long head of the bicep. This may give your arms better shape.


Hammer Curls: Try curling across your body towards your opposite shoulder for more recruitment of the long head of the bicep. 3x8


Pull Up Negatives: 3xfailure


Barbell Curl: Vary your grips. A wider grip will hit more of the shorter head (inner) of the biceps. A narrower grip will stress more of the long head. Squeeze hard at top of the movement and slowly lower. 3x15


Incline Bench Press: Use a slightly narrower grip than your normal press for increased clavicular head stimulation.
1x6 at 60% of max
1x6 at 70% of max
1xfailure at 80% of max (Rest Pause set)


Incline DB Flyes- Why use an isolation so early in your routine? This is a great way to pre-exhaust the succeeding compound movement, resulting in more muscle tension.


Flat DB Bench: Keep a tight grip for greater muscle tension.
1x6 at 60% of max
1xfailure at 80% max
1x20 at 50% max


Cable Crossovers: Be sure to get a nice stretch and squeeze each rep.


Push Ups: Try for 100


Finish your workout with 1-2 scoops of ModernPROTEIN™ Milk Chocolate with your beverage of choice.









Incline DB Curls// 1x10, 1x10, 1x8, 1x15
A1 Hammer Curls // 3x8
A2 Pull Up Negatives // 3xfailure
Barbell Curls // 3x15


Incline Press // 2x6, 1x80%
A1 Incline DB Flyes // 3x12
A2 Flat DB Press // 1x6, 1x8, 1x80%, 1x20
Cable Crossovers // 3x20
Pushups // 1xfailure


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Prepared by Nik Ohanian with workout supplied by Mike Rea


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