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Time is a commodity that can be spent, but not earned.  So, what you do today can never be done again. That may not sound like the 3 scoops of powdered motivation you may be searching for, but it should light a fire under you.  The common attitude is, it’s never too late to start; however, the reality is those who haven’t already started will wish they had a year from now.  So, start your Summer plan with a glimpse into the future, or the next best thing.  Our TEAM USPlabs roundtable this week discussed what we wish we knew when we started.  Don’t miss these time-saving lessons!



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  • “I wish I had a better knowledge of nutrition... when I was a young teen, it was all about the work... our coaches put an emphasis on eating well but quantity wasn't really a discussion and the ratio, well... I was 16... you tell me what your nutrition was like when you were 16. I could definitely say the majority would find themselves in much better shape both physically and emotionally if they had themselves better tuned when they began sport than later in life. “Rob Saeva | Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach and Amateur Powerlifter


  • “What I wish I learned was to look at my physique in the "big picture" context. And this means that by focusing on overall proportional muscular symmetry as opposed to just the body parts individually (huge pecs, massive arms, cannonball delts). I was able to better create a more complete and aesthetic physique.  I also wish I’d realized just how long it can take to build and refine lean muscle tissue regardless of one's hard work or genetics. You have to remain consistent and stay focused on both long and short term goals to see any real progress.” Victor Egonu | Pro Natural Bodybuilder


  • “I wish I knew the basics of proper loaded movement patterns that I teach today. How to maximally engage neural output through proper spine position and pressurization strategies to move power through the hips and the shoulders to the extremities so that I would have spent less time injured and developed further and faster than I did.”Chris Duffin | World Record holding Powerlifter and Strength Coach


  • “When I first began training, I did not realize how imperative it was to have an expert by my side to provide direction. I later asked myself, “How will I learn if I do not give someone an opportunity to guide me?” Today, I have several mentors and can rely on them to provide me with the facts. It takes time to find a mentor you can trust and one who gets excited about your goals and successes.”Tammy Bravomalo | IFBB Figure Pro


  • “A few basic notions are of profound consequence within training and general development. Place great attention upon mobility and posture; hence, why one of the foundations of my training theory is 'movements not musculature' and the ability to maintain posture under (extreme) duress (stemming from my theories on chaos training and imperfection). Secondly, the majority of training time must be dedicated towards activation of the core musculature, maintaining optimal posture (under duress) and enhancing recovery.”John Davies | Founder of Renegade Training


Share your life lessons with us, and let us know if you have any questions.  #LiveModern


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