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Visit just about any bodybuilding forum and you can search the EncyBROpedia on just about any subject.  You want to know what rep range builds the biggest cuts? You got it.  How many scoops of protein should you digest post workout? “You better just chew scoops between sets to wake that anabolic plasmic superforce to create hypertrophic myosmeisial programming… bro.”   Don’t get me wrong… some bro-speak does have merit, but don’t take advice from anyone in toe shoes.  Many facets of “makin’ dem gains” aren’t proven science.  However, we’ve enlisted 5 pros to help you see through 5 of the biggest Bro Tips…  Because I’ve got 99 BROblems but my Beats ain’t one.


Bro tip: You need to do moderate weights for high reps to develop that bodybuilder look.


Fact: Bodybuilders often use high rep work in the final week or two before a show for glycogen depletion in prep for filling out for the show. But the mass and size is developed through training heavy through the rest of the training cycle. I have about a half dozen well known IFBB pros who all rely on lifting heavy. Look at today's "lean" power lifters who have impressive physics when their sole training purpose is to develop maximal strength. – Chris Duffin | World Record Holding Powerlifter


Bro Tip: You can get toned through weight training.


Fact: Muscles don't "tone". Muscles either shrink or grow in size. If you want to look toned you need to gain muscle through strength training and also shed the fat covering your muscles. Strength training also has more significant fat loss benefits than just cardio alone. So, if you are looking to "tone up" you should find a good training program that includes both heavy strength training and cardio. – Kyle Sheridan | Elite Powerlifter


Bro Tip: A particular movement or routine will get you shredded.


Fact: Anything involving getting leaner comes from how strict your diet is. You can't out train poor nutrition. – Matt Vincent | Highland Games World Champion


Bro Tip:  Find your motivation from a trending Meme or YouTube video.


Fact: For all the clatter of online motivation and feel-good messages in the online community, let's be honest, in competitive sport it is a vicious hunt, a bloodcurdling image of dogs on the hunt and if any think a motivational quip by someone, invariably trying to pitch a book, will prepare you for the fight of your career, guess again. Some will dine, some will be dinner and if you need a friend, get a dog.  – John Davies | Founder of Renegade Training


Bro Tip:  People should focus on one style of training to reach a specific goal.


Fact: One huge misconception is that individuals need to negate specific styles of training to accomplish certain goals... No cardio for strength, no strength for endurance, no stretching for strength athletes... Balance is key... The stronger your output, the faster you will be, the better your cardio, the more consistent your recovery and output will be, the better your mobility, the safer you'll be. Balance is everything, from beginning to end, whether you are a powerlifter, bodybuilder, football player or triathlon runner!  – Rob Saeva | Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach and Amateur Powerlifter


Share this list with anyone who has been led astray by a bro or brodette in their life.  #LiveModern


Colby Strunk


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