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Pro Tips | Back and Bi Day


Back and bi’s go together like burgers and fries.  A marriage of two entities that are beautiful in their own, but put together creates a masterpiece.  Many view the deadlift as the cornerstone to a thick back, and pretty much the solution to any athletic shortcoming:  Too slow?  “You should deadlift”,  “Looking for ab work that’s not in the ‘nap position’? “There’s an Olympic bar with your name on it?”  Can’t pick up girls in the gym?  If the bars not bending you’re just pretending…

However, many have found that simply hoisting heaps of iron and adding a few bicep curls hasn’t added the size they’re looking for; so this week we’ve recruited the Pro’s to share their top 5 moves to a better Back and Bicep Routine.


Deadstop Deadlifts:

“Place barbell set on top of an incline angle. You. Can use a smith rack or bench . Use one arm, unilaterally and stand staggered stance with core on a 45 degree angle. Pull bar toward sternum. Squeeze back and slowly release and let it touch the bench. To maximize this movement release the grip to create a dead stop movement.”  – Chad Demchik | IFBB Physique Pro


Rack Chins and 1 Arm Face Curl is two of Victor Engonu’s favorite finishers. Victor Egonu, Natural Pro’s


Alternating Dumbbell Curl with Twist

“This is a great small joint assistance movement that not only builds forearm, braci and Bicep strength/hypertrophy but also helps stabilize the elbow/shoulder anterily through more compound movements and rehab mild wrist/elbow/biceps tendon issues. Apply a towel or fat grip variation for even more work!” – – Rob Saeva | Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach and Amateur Powerlifter


Zottman Curl

“Maintain tension, use appropriate tempo, peak contraction and place emphasis upon proper movement pattering. These four aspects are the foundation of much of the iron game and certainly true within Back training. They however need not involved complex training regimes and can be found within a standard super-set, used from the golden age of the iron game, of Barbell Bent Over Rows and Sternum Pull-Ups. Place focus upon tension, perform each movement with perfect technique and maintain form. Feel the burn.” – John Davies | Founder of Renegade Training


Dead Stop Rows with Pause

“The keys are to make sure you keep the upper back engaged at all time, squeeze and hold into position. This is also a way I sneak in extra grip work as dons work a double over hand grip.”  – Jonathan Byrd | Elite Powerlifter


Try one or all of these in your next back/bicep smash. Keep us updated and #GoForTheMax


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