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“The worth of the man can be measured by the thickness of his forearms.” ABROham Lincoln


Ok… Maybe that’s a fake quote, but the message stands true. Some of the most impressive physiques to ever walk the stage or squat in a curl rack have coincidentally had the most well-developed forearms.


It may seem that the lower arm would simply “grow” if you work the other arm muscles frequently. Some toss a few sets of wrist curls at the end of their weekly ARMageddon bicep blast and call it a wrap. Those lifters aren’t the icons we see gracing the posters hanging in the most bad ass gyms in the country.




Try these exercises as additions to your current forearm regimen or create your own forearm session with the information provided. Forearm training, like the biceps, has a quick response with muscle searing pumps but requires long duration sets that will test even the most dedicated. To put a cap on serious arm mass, one must treat forearm training as a priority. The time to start is now.


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Reverse Curls


Reverse curls are an integral tool in our forearm training arsenal. Load these up and get some volume with moderate to heavy weight. The best approach is with a thick bar or an “e-z curl” bar to hit the forearms just right. Keep your wrists neutral throughout the lift, pinch your elbows in tight and take the small finger off the bar to put much of the emphasis directly on your muscles. Start with 3-4 sets of 12-16 reps, using a full range of motion. At the top of the lift, flex the forearms for a one- two count before lowering. Constant tension and mind numbing pumps!


Wrist Curls


Wrist curls can be done a few different ways. A favorite among lifters is to sit on a flat bench with a barbell in the hands and slowly “un-roll” the barbell from your hands to outstretched fingers. A classic move that doesn’t need to be improved but does need to be performed correctly. Long duration and high reps sets, stick to the 4 sets of 12 reps with peak contraction at the top of the lift.


Axle Curls


Thick bar work, keep it simple and you can either wrap plumbing insulation over the bar or a towel with man’s miracle cure-all, duct tape. The wider your hands, the better, as long as you can hold the bar safely (of course!) while performing standard biceps curls. For those who want to enter a really dark domain, use a 16lb shot put and wrap chains around your wrist. Set and reps scheme - you guessed it : 4 sets x 16 reps with peak contraction each set.




Reverse curls 4 x 12-16
Wrist Curls 4 x 12
Axel Curls 4 x 16


For a finisher, hold the corner of a large piece of newspaper with your thumb and forefinger. Out stretch your arms parallel to the ground and roll the paper up into a small ball as fast as possible. Perform for 5 minutes straight alternating from right to left hand.


USPlabs ModernMass Forearms


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