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Shoulder day use to be what I reserved for those times I only had 30 minutes to knock out a quick sesh. It was an easy: Press, Raise and Flex. However, to sculpt a physique that’s not only ” beach ready” but the main beach attraction, your delts need more forethought. Will you simply rely on your bench for anterior delt development or bent over rows for your rears? Well, ask yourself if you’re happy with the results you have… “Well ‘what’s his name’ from ‘what’s that magazine’ says direct delt work isn’t needed.” That’s fine if you want to believe it, but if you don’t put in the time you’ll never see the results you want. Gains don’t come by accident.


Our top movements for deltoid development will become some of the most powerful exercises in your arsenal if done correctly.


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Military Press

Go big or go home with the military press. Utilize a fast concentric (upwards phase) with no pause at the bottom. Low reps and higher amounts of sets can help build even the most stubborn of shoulders. NPC physique competitor Cassie Bishop states: “Have a spotter guide the bar as you unrack and rerack the weight. Most injuries on pressing movements tend to occur during those vulnerable periods.”


Front Delt Raise

If you are looking to fully fatigue the anterior deltoid, front delt raises are a must.  While compound pressing movements will hit these, they will also work a variety of other auxiliary muscle groups.   NPC bodybuilder Mike Rea states:  “Vary hand positions to hit the delt from different angles, i.e., 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock, 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock.”


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Rear Lateral Raise

Have you ever seen someone with shoulders that seem to curl forward because their rear delts are underdeveloped in relation to the front and medial heads? Of course you have. We call those people “super benchers”. No one likes a super bencher, so train your rear delts. Renegade Training Founder John Davies states: “Posture is crucial as body weight is well distributed with firm footing and hamstring/glutes ‘engaged’. With dumbbells in each hand, raise outstretched arms with a slight bend and contract deltoids as much as possible with a two count pause at the top of the lift.”


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Add this to your shoulder routine to build the “boulders”:


A1. Front Raise 5x10
A2. Rear Delt Raise 5x10
A3. Military Press 10x3


Band Rear Delt Raise 1x100


Share your favorite “Delt Destroyers” and let us know if you were able to implement this add-on to your routine.


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