• Modern Protein Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    It's said that abs are made in the kitchen.  However, when your culinary skills are limited to protein shakes and reheating grilled chicken, it may be time to get creative.  The following has only 4 ingredients. NO cooking is involved, and you ... read more
  • Cookie Stix and Jelly Protein Cakes

    Peanut Butter and Jelly is one of my favorite combinations; and for my first few "bulks" this was a staple to get more calories in. However, a high fat, high carb, low protein snack didn't always result in the leanest of bulks. You may have had s ... read more
  • Modern Workout Stack For Summer

    Summer is for blockbusters… Fight scenes, explosions, and the struggle between good and evil… it’s a full blown ABpocalypse! You’ve either mutated from man to beast or are sitting on the sidelines in your sleeveless T perspiring your l ... read more
  • Cool Summer Recipes (AminoLIFT+ Peach Tea Edition)

    The amount and variety of energy drinks at any local convenience store can be a bit overwhelming.  The names alone are enough to make you think twice before pounding a 16oz’er of " #NoRegrets - now with more Hashtag!", "Sugar NUKE XXXtreme" ... read more
  • ModernBCAA+ Summer Recipes (Blue Raz Edition)

    At this point, if you aren't using BCAA's - and to be a bit more specific, ModernBCAA+ - then what the heck are you doing? So, assuming you are already sipping ModernBCAA+ during your workouts, how about some frozen ModernBCAA+ for the summer ... read more

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