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Jack3d of All Trades | Day 2


Like any good program set up… one cannot live on posterior chain work alone (I wish though…). Balance is key both Upper and Lower extremity, Anterior and Posterior... For not only the strength world but for the physique world as a whole. Today we will be delving into the extreme developing Power and symmetry through the Bench Press and its assistance work while maintaining conditioning via body weight calisthenics.


In the strength and conditioning world, no other ‘Absolute Strength’ movement is as controversial as the Bench Press. Why might you ask? Unless trapped under the rubble of a falling building, it’s pretty rare we will find ourselves braced and pressing weight off of our chest. Functionally we are more than likely to press things overhead or projecting things utilizing not only the shoulder girdle but the lower extremity as well. It is, however, more than probable to translate it into other movement such as overhead which is why we do not negate it from programming and join it together with Overhead work and appropriate mobility to strengthen the movers of both and avoid anterior tension in the pec.


Assistance work for bench press hits some of the highest sought after show muscles on stage… Big delts, big tris and big chest! When applying these movements, the same principles that would apply to a strength athlete apply here as well… Quality weight and force application, quality range of motion and strict muscular activation. Balance in weakness then results in balance in symmetry and conditioning of the tissues.


Lastly, one of the biggest principles of utilizing athletic style programming for cosmetic athletes is being capable of not only looking big and strong, but being big and strong; while overall not being useless. Body weight work allows us to develop our ability to move our bodies within space and time with agility and safety.


Jack3d of All Trades | Day 2


Full Pause Bench Press

70% 5x3


50% 1xME Slow Tempo

45% 1xME Slow Tempo

35% 1xME Slow Tempo

DB Tate Press 3x20

Light Walking OH Bottoms Up KB Press 3x10 per arm

Banded Tricep Push Down 100 reps at a slow tempo

10x50ft Bear Crawls (perform 5 slow burpees after each distance)


As you see above, balance, force application to result in strength and hypertrophy, and spacial movement drills to help take you from big and luggy to big and graceful! Look big, be big, and be unstoppable.


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Written by Rob Saeva of No Coast Strength and Conditioning


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