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Instant training improvement tips: You see sweat, I see glory


At times the weight of the daily struggle is daunting; for each day is a struggle but as you learn to rise against the challenge you find said 'struggle' the spur to capture the 'strength within'. The past few days would put me to yet another test but as the story is told each time, the sting of sweat as you push forward against challenge is the great reward and answer to your goals.


Like many of my readers, ‘life is not perfect’ and we face ‘real world challenges’. I truly wish life was a matter of rising after a full night of peaceful sleep and coming for a leisurely breakfast served with the finest foods. Yes, a picturesque scene that has yet to occur and far from my ‘real world’.


After another night in a few decades where sleep was offset with waking every few hours and the odd ‘stinger’, it was time to start my day. Unfortunately my standard plans of rising at 0500 for early training were put on hold as I was called upon earlier for home and landscaping repairs of an older family member. Not ‘precisely’ a simpler repair of a dripping tap faucet as before dawn I was three stories high on a mansard pitched roof performing repairs only to be followed by a few hours of work with a chainsaw and axe to dispose of a felled tree. 'Fasted training' with an axe and a chainsaw is completely different dimension.


I welcome the responsibility to helping others in such problems but the mix resulted in my hands being a ‘bit challenged’ before the slow start of the business day.


Or did it?


At some point from putting my coffee and glasses down to climb a high extension ladder all the troubles of life and indecision vanished. There was no ‘looking down’ at what might happen but rather looking up at what needed to be achieved.


Never 'look down' and fear failure. Believe in your ability to achieve.


Don't 'see' failure, seize the opportunity to excel. Seize opportunity.


Finish the job, move to the next and do so in a manner that establishes you expect to succeed. Find the chainsaw, let it rip, cut down the heavier logs, split and stack for the fireplace.


Somewhere along the time of forgetting about the ‘little things’ I moved to the important tasks and as the sweat stung in the eyes, and with this rip of the axe, it made ‘sense’ as it always has.


It’s never easy, each day is a struggle and each day the sting of sweat in the eyes is a reward. Never to look down at what might happen but rather look ahead at what you are capable of achieving.


I was home before anyone reading knew it and with hands gnarled and barely able to open I did what any lifelong athlete who refuses to quit does.


USPlabs Motivation Monday December 1
Prepared by John Davies


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