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Instant Training Improvement Tips: Weather The Storm

With the sky turning as black as coal in a few brief moments, it came in low and hard with a deep rumbling base.


Thunder and the once sunny sky of spring turned dark and ominous.


That of-course meant very little as there was still a workout to complete, despite the now howling winds, five sets of sixty weighted walking lunges were on the docket and five sets would be completed.


The birds that sit atop the stadium light standards had long since flown for cover after set number one did its magic and filled the thighs with the glorious reward of being an athlete. Set number three welcomed a rapidly increasing rain that quickly turned sideways but unlike the birds there was ‘no cover’ in horizon as two sets remained.



From there the details are easy to tell because you, my reader, have likely experienced the same and far too many times to note. We ‘do it’ because ‘it’s what we do’ and it is all part of this magnificent iron-game that builds the strength of character and in every brief flickering moment screams in the dark night, ‘we can’. There is no need for a further description of 300 heavy walking lunges in a sideways thunder and lightning storm because each of us has those moments but maybe, just maybe, THAT is the point.


There is no fan-fare required of the daily triumphs, just the honest look in the ‘man in the mirror’ and being proud of the fight against adversity, with the further understanding ‘tomorrow is a new day’ and an opportunity to once again prove you’re ready.


So let the thunder come, bring the heavy rain and the courageous will not give ground. This is the task for the day and it will be accomplished.


To every young athlete with a dream, DREAM BIG and accept the responsibility to ‘out-work’ and ‘out-what’ your competition. When it comes time to train, BE RELENTLESS and allow the great power within to shine. When you consider your diet, don’t cheat yourself but stay dedicated and feast like a CHAMPION. From someone who was counted out for matters must bigger than sport, allow me to tell you that YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS if you are willing to apply yourself.


Now, go forward with COURAGE, FEAR NOTHING, dig the boots into soil and give no ground.


You can, you will.


USPlabs Monday Motivation May 19


Prepared by John Davies


John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Renegade Training™’s as well as or Twitter.


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