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Instant training improvement tips: USPlabs Power Cardio Workout 8


Results matter.


For all the great motivating speeches and effort to help many achieve their goals, in the end results matter.


Success, though rarely put in such stark terms, is the home of the brave few who fight through adversity and possess the discipline to perform functions with precision machine-like qualities. As many witnessed through the recent Winter Olympics, champions before with a steely glare, pushing past the pain and with absolute discipline, perform their task letter perfect.




Results matter, not the ‘did your best world’ but straight, hard, cold performance.


Goal achievement in sport and the iron-game at the highest level often comes where you fend off the muscular pain, the heaving lungs and perform with perfection.


This is the discipline few wish to discuss.


This is the order most ignore.


This the structure that champions know.


Discipline, order and structure are the hallmarks of success.


Though you may hear little of such in this ‘look at me’ generation, remember those standing on top of the victor’s podium embrace discipline order and structure.


The steps to that victor’s podium are not easily to accomplish but for the brave, the courageous there is a path.


Power Cardio 8


General points of exercises to consider with a Training Complex


• Place exercises in descending order of motor skill requirement.
• Place exercises with greatest amount of muscles recruited first.
• The above two points ensure exercises with the greatest amount of weight are first, hence heavy to light.
• Time under tension. Do not take a break during the complex.
• Never compromise technical quality for a greater amount of weight.
• Never allow posture to be less than optimal.


USPlabs Power Cardio


• Push-Ups | Press-Ups x 30 seconds
• Hang Pull (dumbbells) x 6
Good Morning Squat x 6
• Push Press (dumbbells) x 6
Barbell Hack Squat x 6
• Cossack Squats x 30 seconds


Rest 60 seconds and repeat 5 sets


How to perform a Cossack Squat


Prepared by John Davies


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