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Instant training improvement tips: The Truth about Power


Within the strength and conditioning community we spend a tremendous amount of time formulating a plan to develop ‘power’. Years are spent finely honing an athlete’s strength, power and speed in search of the magical top of the victor’s podium or the championship ring. Yet there is a little secret to this magical elixir that is only revealed when flecks of grey appear on the hairline as true power lay within.


The word ‘power’ is in need of a prefix as in ‘true-power’ as it goes before the building of brawn and sinew and what spirits us towards daily challenges. Within each of us there is a ‘true-power’ and once summoned the individual is unstoppable and the untold story of heroes of sport, those defending our homeland and the many in our history.




‘True-power’ is the reason despite aching from your previous daily toils and your body is bathed from set, you press on towards your goals. It is courage in the face of challenge, fearless when faced with adversity and faith in the greatness that lay within.


So this that the odd peculiar line where grizzled old coaches know that long before legends are made, long before the hands grasp iron, there is a power within that knows know boundaries. Our task as coaches and mentors is to kindle the fire that is already there and to teach all that your dreams are within grasp.


Each of you reading has this power. I have seen it, tasted, known what it was like to fight back from razors edge of death to know, it is within.


Believe in yourself and chart your course with the power within. Apply yourself daily to your goals and with each sunset know that tomorrow is a new opportunity. Rise to occasion and summon the power within.



Prepared by John Davies


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