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Instant training improvement tips: The Terrible Ten Training Evils

Physical exercise and sport are meant to better the quality of our lives and with respects to the former should without risk of injury. That said, much of the modern-day exercise and diet security has run aground from the history of ‘physical culture’ and no longer following the correct path.


‘Failings’ are plentiful in the modern weight training environment, some due to commercial reasons and others simply unexplainable. Though there is no possible reason to list level of importance, in my curmudgeonly gym where champions are built the following will not occur:


1. Squat racks are not, not once, not ever, the place for curls. In-fact the Squat rack is the focal point of the facility and always in demand, hence don’t try to excuse you curl a heavy weight. Should you do, lift from the floor.


2. Training plans that are not focused upon Squat, Push, Press and Pull.


3. Disrespecting the history of the ‘iron-game’ by not applying yourself with proper technique and being serious about your efforts. Every movement is to be performed correctly and it is your responsibility to ensure all athletes adhere to the same guidelines. ‘You’ are responsible for every person on the gym floor. Be accountable.


4. Compromising quality for greater weight is precursor to injury as well as lagging results and evidence of problems with coaching. Be patient, respect the process of long-term development and ‘check the ego’ at the door.


5. Failing to perform movements with full range of motion (excluding the modest aspect of ‘not complete lock-out’ for bodybuilders) or swinging as in the case of Push-Ups | Press-Ups, Pull-Ups, and Chin-Ups.


6. Failing to perform a dynamic mobility routine at the start of every training plan to ensure the core musculature is activated and thus assisting the promotion of optimal movement pattern.


7. Rest. Hands are on the bar at all times, unless you have just finished a set and then exalting your training partner or chalking up. No rest.


8. Phones, extended conversation (i.e. ‘small talk’), fretting over the musical selection or entering the gym with an ego.


9. Fear, along with contentment, has no place in a training facility. This is the home of the courageous, the bold, those that dare the impossible and has ‘no place’ for the vanquished.


10. Concern over being too loud during training as it relates to ‘grunting’. Naturally, there is a ‘within reason’ and only relates to moments when lifting as opposed to ranting.


Prepared by John Davies


John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Renegade Training™’s, Google+, Renegade Training™ on Google+ as well as or Twitter.



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