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Instant training improvement tips: The Successful Spring Shred

Within exercise and sports performance development there must be a careful balance between dedication preparation and simply ‘doing more’. In many situations, ‘doing more’ is counter-productive as in the case of poorly designed training regimes that do not respect energy cycles, whereas in sport skill development thousands of hours of dedicated work is required to excel.


However this does have a few qualifications because our modern world of ‘conveniences’ and the ever-present need for affirmation has bred a type a ‘culture of mediocrity’. Success doesn’t come by chance or to ‘the average’ but rather to those who assail to excellence and prepare their efforts accordingly.


Success doesn’t come by chance.


Success is a habit.


Preparation is the key to success.



Success in the ‘iron-game’ is not a random event and in-fact the by-product of a well laid out training, recovery, diet and supplementation plan that is complied with for many years. Contrary to the endless marketing efforts of the exercise industry there are no ‘short-cuts’, no hidden exercises that magically will add muscle quickly but rather a well developed plan put into place. The acceleration of development is rather in comparison to your competition that fails to address each of the four factors; training, recovery, diet and supplementation.


To assist general aesthetics you must consider it from multiple prongs:


• Diet
• Supplementation
• Active Exercise
• Passive Exercise


Shifting past the opening two for the purposes of this article but with the firm stance that no training plan can overcome a poor diet, it is crucial to consider the mix of active and passive exercise.


With the latter, ‘passive exercise’, we simply have become a sedentary lifestyle and need to invigorate a more active society. Whether walking or riding a bicycle to the store and any number of physical activities, cull the television and video games and be more active.


As it relates to ‘active exercise’ consider a variety of measures to assist the training effect that will assist muscular and aesthetics.


• Perform Dynamic Mobility at the start of each training session. This will not only assist long and short-term general mobility and movement pattern.


• Perform General Physical Preparation with each training session. Ten minutes of general callisthenics will greatly and enhance work threshold.


• Add Complexes to your training. This will have broad implications on overall strength development, muscular balance and coordination as well as reduce the monotony of training.


• Make use of peak contraction where possible. Time under tension is critical for muscular development and a overall physique. From the start of the iron-game, PEAK CONTRACTION gets the tough job done.


Aaron Schultz


Prepared by John Davies


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