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Instant training improvement tips: The Simplicity of GPP

High on the list of ‘errors of the modern exercise community’ is shifting the public from basic training to complex measures. The reason for this is relatively simple and does not rest in ‘secret study’ or ‘remarkable new finding’ but commerce and selling the public an idea with the standard ‘smoke and mirrors’ approach.


This is not new and our world is rife with tales of ‘snake oil salesmen’ but within the fitness industry it is personally upsetting as exercise can be a conduit to a better quality of life and should be embraced by the public without complexity.


Exercise is simple.


General Physical Preparation (GPP) is general and does not require, not one, not ever, not even the slightest hint of special equipment.


Not one.


This is what vast segments the exercise industry does not want you to know and goes about exhaustive measures, including infiltrating the coaching and publishing sector to promote unnecessary and overpriced products with ‘expert endorsement’.


GPP is quite obviously ‘general’ and hence should make use of a variety of different approaches, of which the most effective approach is body-weight callisthenics and tumbling. Such an approach is versatile, will enhance relative strength, general fitness levels, body awareness, potentially improve muscular recovery and range of motion and of-course, requires absolutely no expensive equipment and can be performed at home.


Exercise is simple and GPP work is available to all without any cost.


GPP should start with body-weight work from entry level training to more advanced, without ever the need for expensive ‘toys’.


Should you wish to expand your horizon of GPP likely the best ‘training tools’ are from the garden or general household use. Quicker than you can grip your Gränsfors Bruk to split wood for the fireplace, a spade to turn a garden, a sledgehammer for general use, heavy rocks for landscaping or a wheelbarrow to move soil, all are effective for not only your home but also ‘general fitness’ and satisfy the original intention of exercise; improve the quality of life. Add a few barriers and boxes and ‘surprise’, the physical culture set of another era returns on the backs of a healthier, happier community.


GPP is an extraordinary tool to improve overall fitness, is scalable to every level and the best ‘tools’ are body-weight and implements that can be found in your home or community.



Prepared by John Davies


John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Renegade Training™’s, Google+, Renegade Training™ on Google+ as well as or Twitter.


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