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Instant training improvement tips: The Perfect Grilled Salmon

The lazy days of summer are in full swing and with it, every backyard and patio seems flush with succulent aromas from the barbeque. For those within the world of ‘physical culture’, a healthy approach to your grilling ritual is of crucial importance and thus each meal should include the appropriate nutritional level of protein, fats and carbohydrates.


Part of the process of a healthy diet for an athlete is varying species within protein. Quite naturally you should take into account local availability and cost but significant variation will assist in general health and to some extent absorption levels.


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Within protein selection, it is very desirable to make use of wild game, accepted as a much ‘healthier’ meat source and naturally eliminate concerns of an animal raised with the use of antibiotics. Beyond venison and bison, two of the most common sources of wild game, fish is high on the choice of protein and for good reason given its dense nutrient levels.


Quite naturally fish should be tempered when imported from regions with questionable pollution and toxicity levels, ‘farmed fish’ where feeding process is controversial and said to be extremely unhealthy and of-course environmental ‘over fishing’ but otherwise a tremendous option.


With that said grab your rod and reel, hip waders, practice a double surgeon's knot, tie a new fly and cast your line with the delicious recipe for salmon on the barbeque grill.


6 oz salmon fillet
1/4 cup finely ground coffee
1 teaspoon black pepper
2 TBS of Soy Sauce
1 TBS Olive Oil


As with each recipe, prior to cooking please ensure the grill and utensils are properly cleaned.


the perfect grilled salmon


Prepared by John Davies


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