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Instant Training Improvement Tips: The Next Big Thing


The ‘next big thing’ in diet will change your life and even the future of world.


The ‘next big thing’ in diet is astounding, revolutionary and will reverse many of the problems related to the obesity epidemic and the environment.


The ‘next big thing’ in diet will improve the health of society as a whole and reduce burgeoning health care budgets.


The ‘next big thing’ in diet will help restore the family unit and its countless lessons.


However, the ‘next big thing’ in diet will not happen unless the public uses common sense and that my friends, has been missing for decades.


The ‘next big thing’ in diet is not new but a return to the habits that existed throughout the history of mankind before the industrial revolution and the endless parade of conveniences that slowly eroded the quality of our lives.


The ‘next big thing’ in diet is real food.


modern protein


Not chemically laced, processed ‘stuff’s’ that is shaped in a robotic manufacturing facility but actually nutritious food.


Grown from the earth; healthy and natural food requires no ingredient list or chemical breakdown but without a doubt ‘the next big thing’.


The reason for this is simple and one few wish to admit; the quality of life is tumbling and the public is finally beginning to make some sense out of the dietary problems of the last fifty-some years. Food choices weren’t meant to always being ‘convenient’ but part of a time to enjoy a meal with family that YES, added to the quality of life.


Certainly you can spend the proverbial king’s ransom for a loaf of bread but after learning how to combine flour, vinegar, water, baking soda and powder you can make it fresh for the smallest fraction and with ease and let me stress since I make approximately ninety loaves each Sunday it is extremely easy.


Real food, fresh from your garden, not only provides a unique connection to the earth that is difficult to explain but easy to understand for gardeners, but tempers serving sizes and slows the pace of the meal, each crucial for optimal health.


Real food implicitly is a ‘caring’ side for both your health and the environment and is the ‘next big thing’.


The ‘age of convenience’ and destruction of our quality of life is coming to the end and with our collective backs to the wall the public is responding. Slowly but surely the growth of home cooked meals, the backyard and community gardens are beginning to flourish and as this continues optimal health and weight-loss is within reach.


The ‘next big thing’ in diet is REAL FOOD.


The Next Big Thing is Real Food


Prepared by John Davies


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