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Instant training improvement tips: The Modern Diet


To critique without providing solutions is a tree that bears no fruit and with many dietary problems solutions are relatively simple. Let me put that more simply, if all you can do is complain about the situation and not offer a solution then you really aren’t much of a coach and merely and internet (guru) keyboard jockey. I know the path out of this mess and it is a lot simpler than most understand and does not come via a sales prompt for ‘three easy payments’


The common problems of diet relate to changing lifestyle habits of the modern world, or as I prefer to say, WE HAD IT ALL AND THROUGH IT AWAY.


modern protein


As you may have guessed, dietary solutions are found with a ‘trip back in time’ of common sense and a better quality of life.


• One of the greatest issues in diet starts oddly not at the breakfast table but prior to enjoying your first meal of the day. Instead of ‘racing’ to the table, start with a general exercise program that places emphasis upon mobility (see the 'Modern Warm-Up') and assist the process of weight management. Following an early morning exercise plan and bracing cold shower, start with a simple breakfast based upon oatmeal | porridge with a dollop of natural peanut (or almond) butter and a high quality protein source (i.e. 3 to 5 eggs).


• Lunch habits have slowly crept from bringing your meal to work or school to purchasing processed foods, often packaged as ‘healthy alternatives’. They are not healthy, despite label efforts and often, as in the case of processed meats, contain chemicals that are extremely detrimental to your health long term.


• Rather than bottled soft-drinks, including carbonated variations, simply eliminate and replace with cold water. DRINK MORE WATER


• Broccoli, say it once and add to every meal (or other cruciferous vegetables).


Added Tip


• Start each day with a centuries old tonic that is blend of a few tablespoons of 'raw' honey from local sources with one to two lemons squeezed in a glass of hot water every morning.


Prepared by John Davies


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