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Instant training improvement tips: The Mark of the Jack3d

Throughout my career in the sport, exercise and ‘iron-game’ I have attempted to formulate a common denominator to success and ultimately, regardless of geographic location or discipline it comes down to a few very basic things.


Passion is the measure of man’s life. If you are not following your passion, immediately shift direction and do so.


Passion is the burning desire to excel that ‘speaks’ to you and compels you to push forward despite the odds. Passion works hand in hand with that ‘purpose’ of ‘I can I will’ that knows ‘do what you do with all your might’.


‘Purpose’ is the mark of a great champion.


There is no ‘half way’ or ‘good enough’ but there is a mountain and ‘purpose’ spills into the elixir with ‘passion’ that combines a formidable champion reaching for the summit.


With ‘passion’ and ‘purpose’, the careful blend of ‘intent’ is added for the unstoppable and noble warrior of yesterday. Rarely discussed today but that is the breastplate of brave men, where the courageous heart and noble intention is compelled with passion and pushed forward with purpose and intent.


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This is likely well beyond what you my reader is used to from the exercise genre but it is in-fact the roots and sustenance of the ‘iron game’ past. The ‘iron-game’, long before the internet was of men who built strong physiques to match strong minds and understood the clear connection where facing challenges into the weight room was the great lesson;


Adversity is something you overcome.


Next time you grasp a weight and the load seems heavy and next time the sweat beads and stings in your eyes, remember we hail from great leaders of the past who provided our freedoms, often paying the greatest sacrifice. Feel the strength of the ages, feel the power within and understand you are unstoppable and simply need to believe, have faith.


• Passion.
• Purpose
• Intent


As you apply yourself to exercise, diet, sport or anything number of pursuits, ‘leave nothing behind’. Eliminate the rear view mirror, leave no doubt you gave everything you possibly could and relentlessly pursue excellence.


Fear Nothing.


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Prepared by John Davies


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