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Instant training improvement tips: The Jack3d Lifestyle


The broad majority of dietary problems are relatively simple to solve and in-fact relate to the common concern of the modern world of ‘conveniences’. For all the ‘conveniences’ that have been ushered into the world the last fifty or so years it has been piggybacked with lowered amounts of physical activity.


Food supplies nourishment for the body and for all the effort of ‘convenient’ foods we are conveniently destroying the quality of life.



There is a litany of products in every grocer that should be ruled out of the dietary equation and is such an enormous percentage of the sector it is difficult to estimate. However in quick succession and per the observation of typical habits online, I strongly suggest eliminating the five major concerns immediately.


• Cereal
• Sugar laced ‘energy’ drinks.
• Packaged foods in food trays
• Luncheon Cold Meat
• Fruit ‘cup’ snacks


Further more four major daily habits can easily be replaced with healthy approaches.


Drink Coffee Black.
• Slow cooked oatmeal | porridge rather than the ‘instant’ version.
• Choose natural peanut butter, including blending your own (try almond), rather than the processed version that is extremely unhealthy.
• Make use of olive oil (coconut or peanut in some cases, depending upon cooking temperature) within marinades and the typical packaged versions. Though some packaged marinades made by smaller ‘health focused’ companies, typically a spice rack and olive oil at home is far better and of-course more affordable.


Additionally, please replace plastic containers with glass jars and dispense with the use of a microwave.


Health, you really have one life and that is not an expression. Don’t race to the end.


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Prepared by John Davies


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