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Instant training improvement tips: The greatest gym mistake

One of the most consequential training considerations for an athlete is focusing their efforts upon recovery yet as you might expect it is commonly ignored. ‘Successful training’ does not simply happen by chance and without the necessary ingredients of ‘effort’ and ‘proper application’ the victor’s podium is not in the horizon.


Positively influencing muscular recovery and alleviating fatigue from training does not merely ‘happen’ nor does is it an after-thought but in-fact is addressed well before the start of each session. In many ways training sessions tend to merge to together with pre-workout nutrition and movement preparation that is followed with post-workout ‘cool down’, a proper diet and supplementation plan, appropriate sleep and a further recovery targeted workout. Simply, PROPER PREPARATION lends to success. NOTHING comes by chance.


The greatest error an athlete can make, regarding recovery measures is to ‘do nothing’. That said, WE MAKE NO ERRORS and hence will be sacrificing for our successes.


Success is a habit and equally there is no success without sacrifice.


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At the conclusion of each training session it is crucial to immediately:


Perform a static stretch
• Ice-Baths
• Contrast Shower
Modern BCAA+
• Enjoy a healthy, nutritionally balanced meal


Later that evening:


• Epsom salt bath and or proper massage therapy
Modern BCAA+
Protein supplementation
• Full nights sleep


Ultimately some will find this list too demanding and they will search for excuses of ‘why not’ but victors do not hesitate, go the distance and in end enjoy the riches of the top of the podium.


Success does not come by chance.
Proper preparation leads to victory.
Success is a habit.


Make these habits part of your daily routine and the podium is within reach.


Tomorrow starts today.


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Prepared by John Davies


John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Renegade Training™’s as well as or Twitter.


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