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Instant training improvement tips: The Future is Worth the Fight

With full disclosure, I write this commentary with both knees and ankles packed in ice and if that is not a clue to today’s topic, for all the pain, the jagged scars and sleepless nights, this great journey in sport was worth every bit.


Despite suggestions by the media the great world of the ‘iron-game’ and sport is not about financial riches or fame. Sport isn’t even about gold medals or trophies but rather a fabric of our lives, community and friendships.


For all the lessons in sport, often easily overlooked or possibly sounding too condescending, sport and this great iron-game, is our COMMUNITY.


Each of us hails from different backgrounds, we may speak different languages and possess different cultural habits but within the trials of sport we are team-mates, a brotherhood and a COMMUNITY.


In-fact this community becomes a ‘mighty river’, weaving its way with a common goodness that teaches through the trials of the iron-game and sport that, ‘things worth having are worth working for’.


Sport teaches us ‘adversity is something you overcome’ but equally how to work together for the common good of the whole.


• Drive
• Determination
• Dedication


Sport builds character.


When you come to the door of opportunity don’t tap lightly and instead kick the damn thing down, kick it right off the hinges and leave your mark.


Yet there is another element of this magnificent world of sport and the iron-game as it is both timeless and has the ability to pull us back to our youth. Yes, I can recall training with legends long before many of my readers were born but as I compete today and plans for competition this summer, it is as a middle-aged coach who embraces the challenge and as an experienced leader who understands lead by example.


This mighty world of sport is a community that weaves throughout your days. If you are in your youth, target excellence and fear nothing and if you are more advanced in years, lead by example and teach younger athletes the path to greatness.


For all the pain, the jagged scars and the medical history that says ‘I'm done’, it was worth it all and I wouldn’t change a bit but then again, I’m not done yet.


You can, you will.


Monday Motivation May 5


Prepared by John Davies


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