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Instant training improvement tips: The Dirt on Fasted Training

Long before anyone considered resistance training or the diet ‘brilliance’ of eating fresh vegetables, mornings would begin much simpler and physical activity was out of necessity rather than exercise. Wood was chopped, livestock was cared for and whatever needed to be done before sunrise was managed not to spur muscular growth but for survival. Wood was chopped for warmth and crops maintained as part of sustenance.


Early morning physical activity is part of man's history and since the dawn of time as part of survival. In the remarkable make-up of the human body, early morning physical activity prior to breakfast spurs a hormonal response that assists muscular development and thus promotes a lean physique.


Early morning exercise before breakfast promotes muscular development and a lean physique. [Tweet this NOW!]



Quite naturally and in relation to circadian rhythm it is best to keep early morning exercise less complex as coordination and strength will not peak until mid to late afternoon. Early morning training sessions, upon rising, should stimulate the body and promote proper movement patterning. This directly relates to exercise plans of past generations and the ‘rise and shine’ workout that not only promoted fitness but stimulated an individually both physically and mentally for the day ahead.


In time modern science would produce many exhausting studies that would prove the benefit of exercise upon rising in the morning and prior to breakfast and clearly it is must for iron-game enthusiasts of today.



Prepared by John Davies


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