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Instant training improvement tips: The Backyard Barbecue

Each week for the last four years the good people of USPlabs have requested a series of articles from me regarding health, fitness and sports performance development and I am proud to note I have been able to deliver our readership advice on how to attain their goals through my thirty years of experience in coaching. Spiced within these articles, typically written ‘between the lines’, are the important messages that only come through father-time that speak more of improving the quality of life that was once the entire under-current of sport, exercise and ‘physical culture’.


Such is the case with today’s article upon ‘improving your grilling abilities’.


Certainly I can tell you it is important to maintain a clean cooking surface ( and how marinades made at home are not only healthier than commercial grades as well as more affordable ( and equally about the fine art of preparing a steak (, as well as the importance of enjoying vegetables with your meal ( but that only is the part of the story of this great ritual of barbequing.


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‘Yes’, there is a unique and special taste to a barbeque but one, despite the best of efforts, no fine restaurant can replicate the magic of your backyard.


It stems from the family and fatherhood.


Barbequing is a ritual and one that reminds many of us of our fathers, often long past their days. What they prepared can vary in quality from a ‘culinary standpoint’ but each of us would love to travel back in time to visit those special days just once more. It wasn’t ‘the meal’, it was the experience; the honest habit of cooking outdoors and taking time to appreciate the ‘simplicity’ of family eating together. The lessons alone from this are enormous and part of the process of a healthy diet but more important a better quality of life.


As I look out at the many wonderful photos of readers online as they experience fatherhood: welcome the backyard tradition of barbequing, ensure you provide your family healthy choices (as linked above) but do not under-estimate the event for you are making memories that will last through their lives.



The Backyard Barbecue

Prepared by John Davies



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