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Instant training improvement tips: The Art of Losing Control


The only thing predictable in life is that nothing is predictable. Virtually every challenge you will face will be determined by how you manage rapidly changing conditions.


‘Chaos’, can be anything from psychological pressures related to your career, maintaining a stable core in the squat racks with chains rattling or training in torrential rain. ‘Chaos’ happens; embrace it.


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The day seemed fine, not unlike countless ones in my coaching career as I pushed the pedal to the floorboards towards my next training session of a determined athlete. Somewhere between the last sip of cold miserable coffee and tapping the ‘rewind’ button on the tape-deck the race to the next training session on a snow crusted country road became yet another perilously close brush with my mortality. Car now spinning out of control, it struck an embankment, tumbling from best count a full five rolls until coming to rest upside down in a snow bank.


There wasn’t time to think, I knew ‘the clock was ticking’. I unhooked the shoulder harness, ‘falling’ out of the drivers seat, grabbed my travel bag, reached into the console for my family bible and made my way to back of the car. With my back now against the front seats I had one exit choice and with a quick fight for survival push I sent the back window flying. Crawling out fast, I walked through the snowdrift and within minutes as I expected the car exploded.


I’ve managed to escape ‘close calls’ in life, some no-one thought I was going to get through but each challenge was met from lessons of being prepared to manage the unexpected.


Many may consider such dire examples do not apply to strength and conditioning but in-fact they rest both with the psychology of pursuing excellence and physical ability to maintain posture under extreme duress. The reality of ‘strength training’ is that it begins with 'the strength within’.


Within thirty years of coaching, 'control within chaos' is the mark of success and begins with:


  • Taking a step away from the ‘comfort zone’ and into the unknown.
  • Acknowledging that not one goal worth having throughout the history of mankind has been achieved by those in the ‘comfort zone’.
  • Accepting that building success starts once you step outside the confines of the 'comfort zone'.
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  • Understanding that training in ‘perfect environments’ leaves you prepared for ‘perfect environments', better known as 'never'.
  • Expecting the unexpected, make chaos your home and begin your pursuit of excellence. [Tweet this NOW!]


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Prepared by John Davies


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