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Instant training improvement tips: Summer Sculpted Back Training

The development of a broad muscular back is an interesting consideration for the modern day iron-game enthusiast. For one hand they must accommodate training to suit present day gym facilities they equally will find answers to their quest from the past. Part of the rich past of the ‘iron-game’ was extremely tactical in its approach and understood training far better than the present for the simple reason it did not manage the rise and fall of various trends.


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Within back training this takes on a unique role as recent trends, some twenty years running, have shifted from ‘shape and symmetry’ to simply ‘mass’. Though for many athletic concerns, mass and power can be remarkably important the aspiring bodybuilder must consider overall balance of muscular development and symmetry, to which the classic ‘v-shape’ is central.


This consideration is enormous with respects to back training as it requires the individual to ensure core thickness isn’t ‘reducing’ the ‘v-shape’ of the physique. Said core thickness is resultant of the great power movement many of us, myself included, enjoy in training such as Over-head lifts, Good Morning and Wide-based Squats as well as some types of abdominal movements.


Accentuate the ‘V-Shape’, ensure the hips and torso are not too thick. This will require eliminating all exercise that thicken the hips and torso.


Don't perform Back Squats with a wide base but choose instead Front and Sissy Squats.


I know these are very radical approaches but it is imperative to visually widen the back by limiting the thickness of the torso.


The best solution is found from understanding the work of bodybuilding legend Mr. Vince Gironda who would shift athletes from the traditional back squat, lest they widen the hips (and core), to a unique form of the sissy squat and front squat. As you consider this is it rather ‘revolutionary’ given the best of training today will reduce the ‘v-shape’ but with a quick change to your training you will be well on your way to iron-game legends of the past. In tomorrows workout routine we will incorporate exercises of the past, including the Sternum Chin and Sissy Squat, in building a wide ‘V-shaped’ back.



Prepared by John Davies


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