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Instant training improvement tips: Strength by Struggle


As the cold chill of October ushers in the first signs of winter; ‘welcome adversity’ as it is the place where athletes are built. As the winds howl, the thermometer dips and the soft rain of summer turns to snow, put another layer on, dig the boots and welcome challenge, for chaos is nurturing ground for success.


It was not unlike any October training session. Long, challenging, efficient but that lasting moment to pull the session into ‘legendary’ was missing. Just as the training session ended and one of the players left the stadium floor a sideways rain began to fall.




Rather than head inside, I welcomed the opportunity respectful that champions are spawn in challenge and in a moment I went from packing up to pushing the boundary.


Kick start the training session for another near hour, akin to a super-charged engine asked to push deep into the ‘red-line’, the sweat poured into your eyes both blinding and an ‘immediate reward’ for our efforts.


I’ll move past my training partner, a player of promise under my direction, is more than thirty years my junior for that night we were equals, athletes who once again who understand challenge is a reward that builds strength.


Ultimately this turns to the common grounds of every successful goal, for there is no success without sacrifice. The greatest pun of the iron game just might be the struggle of lifting a weight is in-fact your reward, the struggle to gain strength builds strength.


The struggle builds strength.


The next morning began as I have since trained to do so as a young boy, rising at 0500. If there were a few aches from a long training session in the rain the night before, a set of ’50 – 50’s’, mobility work and a bracing cold shower was the perfect anecdote. Following a wholesome breakfast direction shifted to the focus of the days training and goals many years ahead.


  • Discipline, no goal will be achieved without discipline.
  • The path to the podium is a long arduous journey with countless small steps performed daily.
  • There is no success without sacrifice.


Yet there is one more governing concern and relates to confidence and establishing goals.
You may choose to fear certain risks, a particular opponent, failure, success or any number of matters but ultimately the choice is yours.


Fear is but a choice. Embrace or eliminate..


Motivational Monday October 20


Prepared by John Davies


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