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Instant Training Improvement Tips: Stay Strong


In the last fifteen years the greatest improvement in the ‘iron game’ is likely the respect of ‘pre-habilitation’ work. This was a long time coming as preventive measures were once very common in the illustrious past of the ‘iron game’ but tended to fall out of fashion during the madness of the 1970’s ‘exercise revolution’. That said, ‘prehab’ neither involves complicated training measures or expensive training approaches and effectively available ‘free for use’.


5 most overlooked prehab tips for strength


  • Movement Preparation: If the core musculature, hip and shoulder girdle are not ‘activated’ sufficiently movement will not be optimal and therefore expose the individual to a greater risk of injury as well as result in lower power output. There are many approaches within this concern, with my four preferred measures making use of that are reviewed in 'The Modern Warm-Up'


Modern BCAA+


  • Develop a strong and stable shoulder capsule with the best effort, including tumbling to do daily use of the ‘STS™’ system. A simple exercise band and a ball that fits into the ball of your hand are its only requirements.



  • Incorporate core movement in daily training. Whether you choose common planks, Overhead Squats or any multitude of movements including the ‘Renegade Row’, the core is a priority.
  • Diet and proper hydration: Despite the simple fact you can’t train at optimal levels if you’re not recovered most disregard diet and hydration, equally failing to respect this lay behind many injuries. Provide your body the proper nutrition with a healthy diet and dispense with ‘energy drinks’ that are nothing more than sugar-laced concoctions. Modern BCAA+ and ModernCreatine should be a part of every athletes training day.
  • See ‘success’: Mentally prepare before each lift by closing your eyes and ‘seeing’, with great detail, proper execution of the movement. Open your eyes and now ‘repeat’ your performance.


Bonus Tips


  • Planning and training structure: Most training injuries occur due to poor technical form of the movement that is brought upon by fatigue or inefficient movement. Inefficient movement when combined with poor work-rate is a recipe for injury. Train movement, not musculature and ensure sufficient work rate. Ensure structure of resistance training places movements in descending order of motor challenge, i.e. Squats, including Overhead Squats are NEVER 'finishing exercises
  • Choose a proper weight that you can manage as opposed to one that ‘manages you’.




Prepared by John Davies


John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Renegade Training™’s, Google+, Renegade Training™ on Google+ as well as or Twitter.


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