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Instant training improvement tips: Smashing the Odds


Alhough in my youth, I can still recall the moments as if it was yesterday.


The injury was the ‘dream killer’, where thoughts of elite level sport vanished and medical opinion at the time suggested long term recovery without hope of a return to sport and more likely chronic pain and possible limp.


You don’t know me.


After suggesting the esteemed physician to perform an impossible physical act I made the decision to mount the challenge.


My leg was in rough shape and after months of being 'life in a cast' it was time for rehabilitation and after the standard fair I made the brash youthful decision to learn to run again. There was no complex machinery, I was well below the poverty line but each night at midnight I would clip myself onto the pedals of my racing bicycle and cycle to a local track.




The pace, if you can call it that, was extremely slow at first and corners difficult to navigate but each evening brought modest improvements. Lusting for challenge I would cycle greater distances to tracks well off in the distance, train and come home. Cold sideways rain and even numbing snow wouldn’t deter and the simple reason:




There is no climatic end to the story of great sporting victories but it did launch my career in sport coaching, help formulate my theories on athletic development and solidified my opinion on success.


To be successful you must be relentless and LAY siege upon your goals daily. You must attack your goals with purpose and intent, never to be daunted and FEAR NOTHING.


Fear Nothing.


To be victorious you must have a courageous heart but in so doing, apply yourself towards goals with a greater good. Want. Fear nothing and serve a greater good.


Excel so you can teach others the pathway to greatness.


Overcome adversity and lay that ‘pathway’ for others to follow.


For every opinion that comes along and suggest you ‘can’t’, allow me to assure you that you can.


For every scientific study that suggests the odds are heavily stacked against your ‘natural ability’, ‘double down’ and apply yourself with a vengeance.


Adversity is something you overcome.


Take it from a person who wasn’t supposed to COMPETE in sport again, the same person who wasn’t supposed to get out of a hospital bed ten years prior, you can and you will defy all odds if you apply yourself.


You can, you will and now it is your time to defy the odds. Unleash the power within. Be relentless.


Believe in what you cannot see and have faith in what you know.


You have the power to overcome ALL adversity but it starts with conviction.


You can, you will.


Monday Motivation May 12


Prepared by John Davies


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